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5 Kumawood Actors Who Don’t Know How To Dress – No.1 Will Shock You

Kwaku Manu, Lilwin, Big Akwes

….It’s assumed by many that, celebrities should be the most dressed persons but this is not the case of some Kumawood actors as observed by Gossipmail.com

Gossipmail.co in its fashion week brings you five (5) Kumawood actors who don’t know how to dress properly for events and number one will shock you to the core.

This blog post is not aimed at destroying any of the actors’ reputations, instead to help them get fashion stylists to help them in selecting costumes for the right occasions.

No. 1: Kwadwo Nkansah a.k.a. Lilwin

Kwadwo Nkansah popularly known as Lilwin has been named the highest paid Kumawood actor of all time and he also doubles as musician who is doing very well.

Lilwin, a sought-after comedian, however, lacks the fashion sense which has made him wore the wrong costumes to events.

No. 2: Bill Asamoah

This young handsome Kumawood is well known for his matured manners and creativity in the industry but he also lacks the fashion knowhow. On several occasions, Bill missed out on well dressed celebrities awards.

No. 3: Big Akwes

Well, this name does not come as a surprise to many because; Big Akwes does not know how to dress at all whether on set, wedding, fashion shows or awards nights, Big Akwes misses out.

He should employ the services of a Stylist to get his costumes.

No. 4: Kwaku Manu

The ‘I’m in love with you’ phrase coiner, Kwaku Manu is the 4th actor who does not pay attention to his costumes and what he wears to public events.

He suffered wardrobe malfunction at the last RTP awards held in accra.

No. 5:  Akrobeto

Akwasi Boadi a.k.a. is the number 5 on our list. He has also suffered some wardrobe malfunction at major events making him to join the list of kumawood actors who don’t know how to dress properly

Source: www.Gossipmail.co

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