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Thousands march across the US for LGBTQ pride – and against Donald Trump

This year’s Pride parades are more than just a symbol of support for the LGBT community: They are centres of opposition to President Donald Trump. In Washington DC, hundreds marched in an inaugural “Equality March for Unity and Pride”. The march drew inspiration from the hugely popular Women’s March, organised in protest of Mr Trump’s inauguration. Dozens of cities across …

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See what this man is doing in this video: the talent will amaze you

Africa has several talents, technologies and potentials but hidden in the dark covered with ignorance and self low esteem. This has kept Africa in the bottom of development for ages. If Africans can invest their time in thinking of how to improve and use what they have in a to better their lives and that of the next generations to …

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How Will Modi Make his Mark in Africa?

It may have taken India’s government a long time to notice, but optimistic forecasts on Africa’s economic growth may finally be pushing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to try to pinch away at the daunting gap of Chinese investment on the continent, where trade between both nations has ballooned to valued figures over $200 Billion USD. By comparison, Indian trade with …

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