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Robert Dambo

2018 Budget Is Misleading – Robert Dambo

Robert Dambo

Robert Dambo, an astute Nkrumahist and Deputy National Treasurer of the People’s National Convention (PNC) has described the 2018 Budget as misleading and one that lacks credibility.

According to the PNC General Secretary hopeful, most of the things including figures captured in the Budget do not give the true reflection of the economy.

Speaking in an interview with FNNewsonline, Robert Dambo who had early on described the Budget presentation by Ken Ofori Atta as frabjous on his Facebook said, the entire budget suffered some credibility deficits.

“Yes I did indicated that the finance minister made a frabjous presentation but in actual fact if am supposed to review my earlier stance on Facebook I will say the budget lacks tact and it’s somehow misleading. It looks inspiring on paper but have some credibility deficit” he refuted

On his general overview on the budget, Robert Dambo wondered why the supposed Economic Growth as indicated by the Finance Minister has never been translated into the well-being of Ghanaians.

He assessed;

“Over the years we have been battling on how to achieve economic growth but in actual fact the supposed growth have never been translated into well-being. A lay man would say what economic growth is if the plight of the people continues to worsen.

The finance minister in fulfillment of article 179 of the constitution stormed Parliament to present the Ghana working again or getting Ghana back to work.

He made a frabjous presentation and the items looks inspiring but lacks tact and somehow misleading.

The overall GDP was calculated as at June (7.8%)which does not give a clear performance and general economic outlook in the financial year or year under review because the economy suffered some major setbacks in July, august and September, article 179 indicates one month before the end of the year.

The debt to GDP which stood at 68.5 as at June couldn’t have reflected an economic performance at the end of the financial year. Why was inflation calculated as at October? There are lot of things wrong with this mismatching figures provided.

The debt to GDP of 68.5 is flawed because it was calculated as at the June, let’s not forget the government is on borrowing spree and have borrowed in the last few months.

On Agric it is pathetic and sickening to indicate that it has successfully been managed. From 123, 232 out of 137,479 lands attacked cannot be a successful management of the Fall Army worm. The problem still persist, the difference is huge.

On electricity tariffs, I think the finance minister goofed because in local Akan proverbs, “you don’t give information to the populace before consulting abrewa” they had all the time to consult the PURC before the people of Ghana. PURC is a regulatory body and the government cannot cajole them into succumbing to their demands. What if the PURC disagrees with the government?? What if the figures provided are not favorable? Do we go back to issue questionable bonds to pay debt? The government must be pragmatic.

On the issue of employment of 100,000.00 graduates, I think the government of Nana Addo enjoys praise singing than actually appraising pragmatic policies for the youth of Ghana. You don’t allocate50, 000 to these people and how much do you expect them to be paid monthly.

Unemployment is a major security threat and the government must draw pragmatic policies to avert the growing tension of the youth of Ghana.

We must all be citizens in dissecting the budget to address the growing challenges in Ghana. The economy is not in shape and we must work together irrespective of our political colorization to help develop Ghana”

The Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 stormed parliament with the 2018 Budget.

Robert Dambo is hopeful of becoming the General Secretary for PNC with hope of changing the direction of the party to make significant mark in 2020.

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com


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