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Annie-Gracie Writes: Find Your Passion And Follow It


I looked at my grades and began to think about my purpose in life. What at all can I even achieve,I thought.

I’ve always wrote this examination and this time marks the fourth and its still fail” Dersery sat down fumbling on these words after hectic days of writing exams but always get a fail.

Dersery was the third among three children and the eldest. She attended one of the best school’s in her neighborhood as such everyone knew she would excel in her final examination. It was indeed a challenge to her since she knew how to sing and usually showed the best in it although her parents ignored that idea of hers.

Dersery could sing melodiously with her sweet voice and every soul melted when they heard voice. Learning on the hand was an opportunity cost for since she hated it. Her siblings were always first and that lessened her morale in learning as such she never attempted to even spend time learning unless during examination which she mostly failed after that. It was indeed a dilemma to her.

This continued simultaneously till she got to the time of her final examination and was referred. Her parents still wouldn’t buy her idea of singing though she could sing. They wasted sum of money in registering her for exams which she always failed after. She had the chance to sing oneday at a friends birthday party. She was then selected to sing in a show presumed to have all singers from overseas present.

She practiced very well without their knowledge of her parents and at last went for the show. She sang melodiously and was awarded the best singer in her country. It was indeed a shock to the parents when they heard the news since they knew she was of no use.

They then apologized for been too harsh  and stern on her and encouraged her to practice in the field in order to become the best. Desery after several years later is now the world famous singer.

  • This story relating to the title sound very innovating since its almost everywhere. The passions of people are sometimes curtailed due to one or two things. Find that particular passion hidden in you. It could be in drawing, singing, writing, acting, and others.
  • Work towards it no matter what. It may seem very challenging when you begin but remember as time goes on things will work out.
  • Bring up that passion in you and prove to the world that you can.
  • Don’t lay low because of criticism from people or anyone. People will try to talk about it but don’t lose hope, whoever that doesn’t face tribulations practice nothing new as such give no heed to and keep on working hard.
  • Take advice from people and be wise on the best one to adapt in making your passion known.
  • Never give up. Keep on trying no matter how long or far it would be, you will definitely get there one day.


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