Behind The SMILE – Chapter 1



Chapter 1

It’s 4:00 am and watching the sunrise had become my favorite morning scenery, just gazing at the sky and appreciating the universe and God’s nature handiwork. Almost every day I watched the sunrise from my rooftop and I would wish my life was that perfect. Daydreaming about my parents walking with me on the beach, holding hands and telling me interesting stories. ‘Oh my gosh’ its already 4:30 am and my day has begun.

For a moment, I wondered if there was any girl of my age out there somewhere experiencing this life as I was, though I honestly feel all alone facing my own predicament. I often imagined myself in a beautiful home filled with so much love and care, with a parent I could trust and rely on. Someone I could cuddle in bed with after a nightmare, my mum is probably in bed with another strange man right now and drunk as usual. Finally woke up to reality, I left the rooftop to wake my six younger brothers up.

My name is Aadun, I’m the first child and the only daughter, sometimes I really wish I was a boy that maybe life would have been much easier for me. As I opened the bedroom door, two of my brother had urinated in bed as the aroma of the concentrated urine was awful. I hadn’t slept much hence I get so sensitive but who could blame them, it’s just nature after all.

Anyway, I manage to wake them up, made sure they are bathed. I was cooking breakfast when I saw my mother came out of her room, she looked really disgusting with dried vomit stains all over her pajamas, I really felt so sorry for her, wondering why any woman would put herself through such trashy life.

She looked at me and yelled, ‘ What the heck are you looking at’, I just shook my head because I just felt was it really not obvious.
I’m cooking porridge ma, would you like some? ‘I asked’ politely, she aggressively told me to fuck off. Anyway, i made a delicious maize porridge with butter, gave my brothers their breakfast and walked them to their school bus and waved them goodbye as the bus departed.

Unfortunately for me I walk to school, I can’t say I do not prefer walking sometimes even though its a 45 minutes journey but walking kept me sane, it helped me to reflect on my goals in life, giving me hope of freedom and hoping I would not turn out just like my mother, that scares the hell out of me.


To be continued 

(C) 2018

Celestina Moore


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