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BTO Writes: We can’t know what the future holds, but we can know who holds the future

Bismark Tettey Okocha

We dream of a bright future, but also dread a dark future – what if we lose our job, health or a loved one? Given that our emotional energy is substantially consumed in wondering what the future holds, trying to know it is a big business, be it through meteorology, futurology or astrology.

Whatever the merits of these ways of prediction, the fact remains that we can’t know for sure what the future holds for us. This uncertainty can be petrifying and paralyzing.
To counter such anxiety, spiritual wisdom urges us to shift our vision from ahead to up – to the supreme controller, God.

The spiritual book states that he knows past, present and future. When we study the spiritual book we come to know that that, as the Supreme Being, he holds the future. He orchestrates everything for our ultimate well-being, for our spiritual evolution towards life and love eternal. To evolve thus, we need to serve him lovingly, thereby living in harmony with our core nature as souls, as his eternal parts.

When we understand his omnipotent position and benevolent disposition, we feel inspired to entrust our future to him. How do we act on this trust? By focusing not on speculation about the future, but on contribution in the present. If we strive to connect with him by practicing good deeds diligently, that connection becomes our security and guide.

We feel increasingly secure as our good deed practice helps us feel sheltered in his remembrance. And we feel increasingly guided as our devotional disposition makes us receptive to his inner direction.

Feeling thus sheltered and counselled, we do wholeheartedly whatever is in our power to prepare better for a brighter future, and we resourcefully adapt to make the best of whatever life sends our way.

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