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Celestine Donkor Must Apologize To Ebony Reigns

Celestine Donkor & Ebony

A fan has asked Gospel musician Celestine Donkor to render an apology to dancehall diva Ebony Reigns as soon as possible.

According to the fan, Celestine Donkor has no moral right to condemn Ebony because the same nudity is also seen in the Gospel industry.

..He also added that Dipo puberty rite is equally exposing the nudity of our ladies; hence, Ebony should not be condemned.

He suggested that those cultural practices must be abolished.

Read his full letter below;

Dear Celestine Donkor,

Just like the way you took time to watch and listen to ebony songs, I have also taken my time to read your message to #Ebony Reigns

Celestine, you had it all wrong when you talked about the dress she wears on stage.

You are a gospel artist and she is a dancehall artist don’t expect her to dress like you

Have you done any research on what dancehall is about, to see what most female dancehall artists wear on stage and why they wear such dresses before addressing her? and do you really know what nudity is?

Your argument may be is not our culture to expose some body parts. I will then ask you to go back in time and now, some of our cultural practices e.g. Dipo where our young ladies are paraded before the public with their breast displayed.

Now you might say is not Christian like, Ghana is not for any religion and you can’t judge someone based on your religious opinion except when you are all of the same religion. So this Christian analysis is of no relevance here.just like the popular saying going to church doesn’t make you a Christian any more than going to a garage makes you a car.

Dressing like you what you expect her to wear will not make her more holy than dressing like how she feels like makes her devil

People of your calibre should rather concentrate on your gospel music and teach other gospel artists how to dress to match their kind of music than focusing on dancehall that you know or have  little knowledge of

When you really follow your kind of music you will really know the kind of people to address

Like my dad usually say in Ga, k3 ole nikpee b3 kpee oduna

If you know how to sow then sow your ass

If u know how people should dress tell your gospel artists before crossing boundaries to dance hall.

Just like you can’t wear your dress to sing dancehall music to move dancehall crowd she too she can’t wear that in a gospel rock show to move that crowd.

To conclude I kindly ask you to apologize to Ebony and tell her your advice to her was based on ignorance and let her know the two of you are doing different music, acknowledge her, for her style really matches her kind of music then encourage her not to listen to what people are saying but she should keep on her good works and she will go far.

Then let the public understand her dress really fits her music, enables her to get the attention to move the crowd, makes her able to move freely and perform better to meet her crowd or fans expectation.

Finally, before you advise someone again

Look before you leap

Thank you.

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com

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