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Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu: From Dodowa to changing the face of Men’s health and Alternative medicine practice.

Dr. Nyarkotey with Yvonne Dzifa Bedi at FN Business Awards

Born on the 24th of June , 1985, there is something about him  making  him great against all odds and negative perception people have about holistic medical practitioners, what truly separates him from others- is that he is the same  Medical Practitioner when you meet him  and whom everyone would tell you pretty much the same good thing: medical brilliance, evidence-based, scholar and objectivity devoid of what he termed as practicing medicine based on emotions.

His level of medical brilliance and humility is astonishing.

Sometimes you are left wondering how God could deposit this set of qualities in one young man but he always gives credit to a prophesy he received from Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor at the Holy Ghost Temple of the International Central Gospel Church.

Personal Statement

“Service is the rent we pay to be living. It is the very purpose of life and not something you do in your spare time.” My role as a specialist in prostate cancer is to provide an invaluable service to patients of diverse backgrounds and beliefs using holistic medicine. Also as a policymaker, I want to use medical Politics’ to influence decisions in Government for total holistic healings in health care. I want to see a country where cancer treatment is not a luxury, a country where there is national recognition of all cancers as major health challenge and policies to address it. I want to see a rapid change and development in the Dangme land. The future you picture is the future you will feature, the ‘YOU’ you see is the ‘YOU’you will become. Therefore picture a great future to feature and desire a great ‘YOU’ to become and the almighty God will see to it that you have featured in the future you have pictured and have become the YOU” you have desired”

Dr Nyarkotey at 40under40awards



Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu was appointed a research Professor of Prostate Cancer and Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus in 2016 at the age of 31.  He is an author, Health journalist, Editor, features writer and columnist for the Chronicle Newspaper. He is also a visiting Professor of Alternative Medicine at the Green Center for Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Lagos, Nigeria. He is the National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana, (AMAG) and the Director of Dr Nyarkotey Alternative Medical College, Ghana, affiliated to Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine in Cyprus. Dr Nyarkotey PhD in alternative Medicine revealed the rightful use of alternative medicine in men diagnosed with prostate cancer. His Postdoctoral research brought the Hibiscus tea into the medical limelight in Ghana as the best tea for Men’sProstate health. The second Postdoctoral research which was a short-term appointment work funded by Dangmemedia titled “ A Look At Dangme Community Parliamentary Voting Pattern: A Comparative Review Of Elections Held In The Various Constituencies And What Is Likely To Happen In 2016 BetweenNDc And NPP In The Dangme Constituency” also revealed a five shaky seats which predicts shaky for the National Democratic Congress brought the Dangme political terrain into the national focus. The research came to pass and the NPP won the first seat in the Dangme land.

Dr Nyarkotey pushed for the declaration of father’s day in Ghana as a national Prostate cancer awareness day which is at the implementation stage now at the Ministry of Health. He has also called for a new Ministry to take charge of Traditional and Alternative Medicine in Ghana. Dr Nyarkotey aims to find a cure and preventive medicine for prostate cancer using evidence-based alternative medicine which he coined the new medical term “Allopathic Alternative Medicine”

Dr Raphael Nyarkotey is a graduate of the India Board of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata, India. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Holistic Medicine with research interest in Prostate Cancer with research topic: “The Impact of alternative medicines in Ghanaian men of African descent diagnosed with prostate cancer and the use of the local plant-Croton membranaceus-An observational study”

He has currently enrolled in his second Doctorate program: Doctoral of Science (DSc) in Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus where he is also a faculty member as Research Professor of Prostate Cancer and Holistic Medicine with a research focus on “ Cancer and Immunology: The Role of Holistic Urology in the black community”

Dr Nyarkotey with the First Lady of Ghana

Clinical & Academic Positions

Research Professor of Prostate Cancer and Holistic Medicine

Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca city, Cyprus

Visiting Professor of Alternative Medicine

Green Center for Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Lagos, Nigeria

Visiting Lecturer in Holistic Medicine

Global Doctors and Life Scientist International, Takoradi, Ghana

Appointed as the National President of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG)

Education & Training

Doctor of Science (DSc) in Holistic Medicine

Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus- Ongoing

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Alternative Medicine-India Board of Alternative Medicine Academy, Kolkata, India- 2016

Masters of Science (MSc)-Prostate Cancer

Sheffield Hallam University, UK, 2013

Diploma in Psychosocial Counseling- Akona School of Counseling Ghana, 2016

Certificate in Medical Sonography

Radford University, College, Ghana-2012

Bachelor of Arts in Theology- Systematic Bible Training School, Ghana,2012

Clinical Medicine Practice

Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is a registered alternative Medical Practitioner with speciality in  Naturopathic Urology/Oncology by the Alternative Medical Practice Council, Ghana. He is also an ultrasound expert, renowned Prostate Cancer expert, ambassador, Policymaker and Cancer Psychologist focusing 100% on men’s prostate health. Dr Nyarkotey’s  holistic, naturopathic approach is exclusive for people combating Prostate Cancer and other cancers, Prostatitis, Bladder Pain / Pelvic Pain and Male sexual dysfunction. His research, writings and professional passion are exclusive to these conditions: Cancer of the prostate, Enlarged Prostate, Prostatitis, Male sexual dysfunction, Pain (specifically pelvic pain) and urinary incontinence. Treatments include medicinal herbs, individualized nutrition, supplements and massage.

“Dr Nyarkotey Integrative Approach to cancer management” specializes in integrative (Western &Eastern, Conventional & Natural) treatments for Prostate and other Cancers and Urological conditions have helped lots of patients diagnosed with prostate cancers in Ghana.Dr. Nyarkotey individualizes the treatments to the patients’ needs from least invasive to more aggressive. As a Prostate Cancer Planner for Patients, Dr Nyarkotey is passionate about staying up-to-date on cutting-edge prostate cancer research. With Dr Nyarkotey, you will know if doing nothing (or Active Surveillance) is best for you. If you need medical treatment, he knows all the main players and can facilitate a visit both in Ghana and abroad.Paramount of all, Dr Nyarkotey doesn’t do any of the medical treatments for prostate cancer. In other words, his recommendations are 100% objective and bias-free. An organized health summary and a strategic action plan facilitated appointments with treatment experts, a customized anti-cancer lifestyle  protocol


Academic Medicine

His research interests are black race and prostate cancer, Doppler for prostate cancer diagnosis, Holistic Urology, Naturopathic oncology and integrative approach to cancer management. Dr Raphael Nyarkotey Obu research on the Hibiscus tea brought the plant to the limelight of Medical Sciences. His research on Vitamin D deficiency as the main enemy in black men high incidence of prostate cancer also brought awareness of black race as major risk factors for prostate cancer in black men


Dr Nyarkotey is the Director of   RNG Medicine Research Lab,  RNG Prostate Research Center and Holistic Hospital at Tema Community 18 and also doubles as the founder of Men’s Health Foundation Ghana, the peak national body of prostate cancer in Ghana creating awareness on prostate cancer. Dr Nyarkotey is also the director of Dangme Media, publishers of Dangme Newspaper, the first community-based newspaper in the Dangme community.

Dr Nyarkotey studied the first ever Program in Prostate Cancer organized by Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Prostate Cancer UK. Dr Nyarkotey reviewed the literature “Role of Safety and efficacy of active surveillance in the treatment of prostate cancer and critiqued the paper on grounds why it can be a calculated gamble for black men. As a masters student in prostate cancer, One of hisassignment in the prostate cancer module “TheProstate cancer screening debate looking at the potential harm and benefits of the PSA test and the introduction of the Prostate cancer risk management program (PCRMP) in the UK by the NHS as a  policy guidelines was regarded as outstanding by the course leader, Catherine Holbon of the faculty of health and Wellbeing and eventually I was made to get in touch with the regional ambassador for Topic of Cancer in South Yorkshire, Mr Denton Wilson, a prostate cancer community champion in the UK and he is also the director of Prostate Cancer Awareness UK. Concurrently with his work in Prostate cancer and medical ultrasound, he developed the concept of using mobile ultrasound as part of the prostate cancer screening in Ghana to assess prostate volume


Dr Nyarkotey in white suite at Health Legend Awards


Some selected Awards

  1. Rising Medical Star/Writer Personality Award –FN Business Awards 2017
  2. The social enterprise of the Year-Men’s Health Foundation Ghana FN Business Awards 2017.
  3. Young Health Researcher of the Year-Health Legend Foundation Africa 2017
  4. Nigeria Legend Award-Optimum Health Foundation, Nigeria, 2017
  5. 40under40 Ghana Achievers Nominee-2017

Some selected Publications

  1. Raphael Obu (2014)An Evaluation Of The Factors That Might Influence The Mortality And Qol Of Ghanaian Men; Including The Impact Of Cultural Issues And A Healthy Relationship. Global Research Journal Of Public Health And Epidemiology: Issn-2360-7920, Vol. 1(2) PP 012-017, February 2014
  2. Raphael Obu (2014). Men’s Health Foundation.International Research In Medical Sciences Vol.2(4), Pp. 039-046, September 2014
  3. Raphael Obu (2014) Investigating The Impact Of A Healthy Relationship On Ghanaian Men Diagnosed With Prostate Cancer And Cultural Issues In Ghana-A Discussion Paper On The Physical And Psychosocial Effects Of The Disease And Its Treatment. Grjphe, Vol. 1(1) Pp 001-007, January 2014



Dr Nyarkotey currently has filed for three patents for localized prostate cancer, women’s health and hypertension using natural compositions.



Dr Nyarkotey is a Christian and worship at the Holy Ghost Temple, Adenta-Fafraha.


Dr Nyarkotey is currently single

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