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ECOWAS Youth Council Writes to the Chairperson of ECOWAS, H. E Faure Gnassingbé

His Excellency,

Faure Gnassingbé,

Chairperson ECOWAS Authority and President Republic of Togo.



The President, executive council and member organizations of the ECOWAS Youth Council heartily felicitates with you on your election as Chairperson ECOWAS, at the recently concluded 51st ECOWAS summit held in Monrovia.

Sir, we are deeply elated by the confidence statement made by heads of governments of member states in saddling you with this onerous task, a task so daunting yet distinguishing.

We are proud to identify with you today as a symbol of youthfulness, hope, vision, dynamism and unity, these qualities you have displayed without measure in your 12years at the helm of Togolese affairs. During your reign, we have seen a youth driven Togo that has manifested its potentials in all sectors and have maintained a determined pace towards sustainable growth and development.

The ECOWAS Youths Council which was formed in 2014 to serve as the commanding height of all youth movements in West-Africa promises to support you in every means possible to ensure your vision for the sub-region becomes manifest during the succeeding 12months. The EYC remains committed to its objectives of integrating youths and

student movements for the overall socio-economic development of the continent and pan-Africanism, defending students’ and youths rights,promoting equity,  democratization and access to education at all levels, in addition to fostering academic freedom, freedom of research, autonomy of higher institutions of learning and promotion of democratic culture.

Sir, it is our desire that pertinent issues like security, youth inclusion in governance, regional integration, girl child education, agricultural revolution, ICT and unified currency for west Africans among others would be made priority and significantly addressed during your tenure.

The EYC also humbly solicits your support and consideration in granting it a more strategic and defining role, an action that would confer a sense of belongingness and responsibility.

While anticipating a stimulating and eventful tenure, we pray for divine wisdom and direction upon you.

Accept the assurances of our highest regards and support.



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