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Exposed: Dambai College of Education Blows GH¢334,773

Awake Investigates has uncovered that Dambai College of Education has been exposed by its own internal audit unit for misappropriating about GH¢334,773 in the 2015 fiscal year.Sources close to Awake Investigates indicates that the expose by the internal auditor, Mr. Jonas Kwasigah has brought him disaffection in which the Principal of the College, Mr. Musah Yamba Issahaku and the College’s former bursar, Mr. Sebastian Sokah allegedly schemed to get the internal auditor transferred from the college.

According to the internal audit report obtained by Awake Investigates, the college has lost over GH¢334,773 as a result of “improper disclosure of revenue,  uncaptured procured goods, over paid contract prices, lack of accounting records, forex transactions” among others.

It was also revealed that management is unable to properly account for

money collected from the collection of students’ certificates.The report has revealed that between the periods covered by the report, “the College procured goods and services which were not captured in the procurement plan”

It further stated that an “assorted goods worth GH¢21,478.00 were not captured and were also procured without comparative quotations”

Also, “school uniform materials worth GH¢37,080.00; fumigation services; and the engagement of artisans for some renovation works have all not been captured in the procurement plan”.

The report also said “during the period covered in this report, the finance officer prepared the purchase orders and kept only one copy of each to support the payment vouchers. The procurement officer, the user departments, the security and the internal auditor were not involved in the inspection exercise to ensure the right products were delivered in their right quantities and at the right prices”

“A review of the payment vouchers revealed that two suppliers have presented invoices for various items they supplied at prices higher than the contract award prices for which they were paid. MOM Ventures and Dumanya Ababio were respectively paid GH¢20,450.00 and GH¢18,740.00 in excess of the sums due them for supplies according to the procurement contract. The reviewed prices range from 5.26% to 122%.” – the report further stated

Also, there were instances where foodstuffs were issued in excess of normal quantities required. The value of these additional issues is GH¢41,020.00.”

According to the report, the period under review, Payment Vouchers were prepared in the name of suppliers but some of the cheques totaling GH¢209,885.90 were drawn in the name of the Accountant and other staffs of the College.

In an interview with Mr. Musah Yambah, the Principal of Dambai College of Education, he denied all the revelations in the internal audit and the allegations that he schemed the transfer of the two year old internal auditor of his college.

Responding further, the principal accused the College’s Internal Auditor, Mr. Jonas Kwasigah of “conniving with other corrupt officials of the college” to dent his image.

Mr. Yamba Issahaku also accused the Internal Auditor of “unprofessionalism and witch hunting”.

According to him, all the figures stated in the report are “cooked” figures by his Mr. Kwasigah who failed to do a professional job and was a mission of getting him to fall flat to the external auditors.

“I gave him this job since 2015 and it was January 2017 before he presented that report. Most of the things he claimed to have discovered are false. During his work he never complained to me that other staff were not cooperating with him in terms of given him the right books and receipts” – Mr. Issahaku revealed

“He just wanted me to fall flat to the external auditors, but thank God when they came, they found nothing against me. We were able to provide all documents to support our claims. The external auditor’s report clear me of any wrong doing” – He added

Meanwhile, Awake Investigates continue to dig further as more stories unfold.

​Source: AwakeAfrica.com​
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