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For guys only: 5 unique features every beautiful Ghanaian lady has


Most men in Ghana obsessed with having and dating beautiful women. Some are so obsessed that they make it their personal quest to find a beautiful woman. Some define a beautiful woman by certain physical traits.

So, here is to making things easier for you!


1. Mole:
Most beautiful women have one thing in common…that is the facial mole! Most of these moles are located on the upper left lip or upper right lip.

Some can be found even on the tip of the nose or on the chin. Long story short, they are quite visible and can’t be missed!

Fun fact about moles: they occur when melanocytes, the cells responsible for giving us our skin pigmentation, grow in together instead of spreading throughout the skin.


2. “Gap in the teeth”:
The diastema is known by many as the “gap in the teeth” or “teeth gap” is also another common feature found in beautiful women.

And when they smile at you, you just feel like falling through that gap!


3. The rabbit teeth:
Ladies, for those of you who think you two front teeth are too big, worry not yourselves! The guys love it! It is simply one of a kind.


4. Dimples:
My guys can attest to the fact the when a lady with dimples smiles at you, you feel like melting into a puddle. Dimples are powerful.

That is why women like Blac Chyna would go as far as getting surgical dimples.


5. Curvy waists 

OMG! Ghanaian ladies are naturally endowed with a curvy waists.

Source: www.Fnnewsonline.com


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