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FREDERICK NOAMESI Writes: Shatta Wale’s GRINGO Video — A Piece Promoting Racism

I had to wait a whole week to put up this piece or write-up. In my opinion, Shatta Wale’s ‘GRINGO’ is another big feat to him but to the black race, it is a total disrespect and racism.

Anyway, I would like to be brief as possible, probably just about four short paragraphs.

Ghanaian dancehall artiste, Shatta Wale, released a 7-minute music video for his song, GRINGO which depicted some level of creativity by the director and I was really enjoying it.

However, halfway through the video, a scene in which Shatta Wale arrived at a bar with his supposed white girlfriend got my attention.

The voiceover for that particular scene in the video clearly reads; “… And the devil just walked in with an angel”.


Mehn, I had to spend quality time to ponder over the statement day and night until I met another video director on set and we started talking about this “GRINGO” video.

It was through my conversation with this particular video director that I got more insight into that statement.

Yes, I must state clearly that the phrase can’t be ignored. Shatta Wale is being referred to as the devil while his white girlfriend is the angel in the video.


This is a canker we have been trying very hard to eradicate –  the black man is always seen as the devil and white folk as the angel.

In the video, Shatta Wale was the devil because he’s a black guy whereas his supposed white girlfriend was the angel because she’s white.

Damn, this is a total insult to all black folks out there.

Source: Frederick Noamesi

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