Ghanaians Love The Death – A Cripple Shares His Story


I was a young man doing my best to survive in a society full of pain and agony, yes pains and agony selling things to make a living and support the family, but one day the unexpected happen and I had an accident. I thought that was worst but to my surprise I’m going to be a cripple for the rest of my life and this message hit my heart like thunderstorm. What am I going to do next, family turned their back at me, friends rejected me and the story changed. I tried getting help from people but they were busy spending their monies on funerals and how to look good and please the society.

One day I collapsed and was rush to the hospital oxygen was placed on me but in my condition I heard voices, ”he wont survive it, let’s plan on how to give him a befitting funeral others were like ”We will borrow money and do the funeral and we will make profit”.

This have shocked me to the bones, religion is not about wearing the best suit, driving the best Cars or having the tittle, we are called to impact the society and change lives. Hmmmmm they love the death how they will buy the best coffin and give the person a befitting funeral. With tears in my eyes I said, “they love the death”.

He shared this sad news to his new foundation members, he currently a new member to #love me whiles i live foundation.

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