Ghanaians Must Prioritize Their Safety and Security – CEO of Lion Heart Security Cautions

Lion Heart Security

The CEO of Lionheart security company limited has cautioned Ghanaians to start prioritizing their safety and security. In an interview with FN Business News, Mr Ahmed Said ” Very often people take security issues for granted, very often Ghanaians are not cautious of what can keep them safe.

They either live carelessly or abandon all measures that can help them protect their properties and themselves. Elsewhere private individuals patronize services of private securities and most importantly guard their homes and properties with highly sophisticated security equipment that protects them from danger and robberies. ”

When asked if its important for one to have a bodyguard, he said “Yes! Sometimes if you get to a certain status in society, you need protection from dangerous people who may just be hired to harm you. Many people key in society lost their lives every day due to lack of security guards protecting them”.

Lion heart security company limited is a licensed private security business based in East Legon that provide Services in :

1. Man guarding
2. Electronic security
3. Rapid alarm response patrols
4. Static and mobile guard services for events
5. Early warning systems for gateways and driveways
7. Video intercom installations
8. Private and criminal investigations

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