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Ghana’s premium Alternative Dispute Resolutions company

ICDRS is a dynamic Complaints and Alternative Dispute Resolution Institution which is committed to  the provision of complaint handling services to private companies with the benefits of resolving any misunderstanding before it becomes a dispute and when a dispute arise, to resolve it through other mode of resolution, other than through the civil courts.

We are particularly passionate about ‘catching’  complaints to resolve from the earliest stage before becoming a dispute and consequential litigation.  We believe that companies and institutions save money and time in legal fees when there is an excellent complaint handling procedure in place.

The team at ICDRS comprises of  Arbitrators, Mediators, Lawyers, Complaints  investigators and Adjudicators. We work within the guidelines of the  prestigious  Ombudsman Services UK.  Our services are hence world class . As litigation can cripple your business and customer complaints against your company can lead to unwarranted legal suits, we will be in your corner ready to avert any bad press against your business.  Remember bad news travels faster than good news, prevent it with effective complaints handling.  We will also help your school to make complaints against its suppliers and service users when required.


  1. To make it straight forward and simple for customers to complain in order to air their views about the services.
  2. To achieve resolution quickly, fairly and effectively at the earliest stage by suitably trained staff
  3. To use flexible and informal procedures to resolve cases by mediation, recommendations or any decisions as appropriate
  4. To provide an informal decisions alternative to the civil courts which cost far less than litigation
  5. To learn from complaints and to improve services by way of feed back
  6. To enhance customer loyalty


  • Initial health check of the business’ existing  complaints procedure and provide advice if required to amend to suitable standard
  • To train the relevant complaints officers within your business to ensure any initial complaints are dealt with professionally
  • To act proactively to complaints received by the your business or assist to make complaints rather than paying exorbitant legal fees
  • To investigate complaints on behalf of the school and make recommendations for resolution
  • To negotiate for settlement of dispute when required
  • To Mediate complaints  and disputes on behalf of your business
  • Ad hoc Consultancy services
  • Expert Determination – An expert in the relevant field would provide independent review of the complaint for recommendations
  • Early Neutral Evaluation – As above, we shall have a quick look of at any issue at hand and provide a seasoned evaluation of its merits or demerits. This usually leads to resolution of an issue in days.
  • Dedicated Officer from the company to deal with your cases.


Business relationships are earned through excellent customer service .  Satisfied clients make recommendations to others, which is a better marketing tool for your business. Dissatisfied customers would just shut up and  just walk away with no word of mouth advertising for your business. Soliciting customers’ views, listening  and dealing with their complaints, make a good business case.  The illustration above shows how a good complaint handling and Alternative dispute resolution process avert litigation and costs.  The alternative of waiting until a complaint hits the business which could escalate  into a dispute and litigation is a very real danger.  It is an opportunity costs; either the business pays Lawyers hefty fees and utilise precious time to litigate cases (which normally lasts for several years) or  robust complaint handling and ADR processes in place which ends in months or sometimes, even weeks.


Of course, most of the complaints are not very complicated and your capable outfit is able to do resolve it, however there are some complicated ones, which can quickly escalate into full blown litigation, with associated news round.  Unfortunately, some of these filter into main stream newspapers and newsreels.  This could create bad press, which your business could ill afford.  We come in to help hold the fires before it becomes news: just try us, we shall also train your complaints handling team as part of our work.

The team is made up of experienced consultants from various professional backgrounds, including fellow Lawyers, Trainers, Mediators and Arbitrators.  We have a panel of Independent Consultants who are Architects, Accountants, Surveyors, Bankers, Employment Specialists and Lecturers who undertake expert evaluation of difficult cases and advise us on technicalities. Subscribe to our services and enjoy litigation free resolution to your complaints and related issues.

The Sales and Marketing Executive will deal with any questions you have but if you want any further clarification, do telephone us on 0302779730 or info@icdrs.org

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