Guys, Quick Tips On How To Date Single Ghanaian Nurses



Dear Men, here are some six tips on how to courageously approach and date single Nurses in Ghana and Africa. It is evident that most men in Africa are scared to approach Nurses.

Kindly find six solid and proven tips below.

  1. Your first impression can let her be interested in what you want to say to her. Introduce yourself as a man, not a boy. Be straightforward in whatever u want to say to her. Be bold to ask her nicely that u want 5mins of her time as you know she is a busy woman. Don’t let ur [ads1]heartbeat fear. And be interested in her career.  Ask her questions about her job.
  2. Treat her like a lady. Although tactical road marches and field exercises are a part of her work life, she should still be treated with the same respect afforded to any civilian lady. Know that many Nurses feel relieved to be treated like a lady instead of “one of the boys”.
  3. Learn something about the military. While you don’t have to learn every military cadence or historical battleground, it would be nice to know about life in her Nursing world. What is her rank or company motto? Taking the time to learn new things will show her you care about her daily life and experiences.
  4. Understand that she has nursing obligations that often do not allow her to make choices about her schedule. The Nursing is a highly structured, detail-oriented organization that emphasizes readiness and accountability. Although she may want to attend the weekend-long festival with you, it may conflict with a scheduled assigned duty or test.
  5. Keep her motivated. There may be times when she is depressed about upcoming events or procedural changes. For example, your date may be nervous that she won’t pass an upcoming mandatory physical fitness test. Provide comfort and support to help her through the tough time.
  6. Respect her role as a Nursing service member. Although you may not agree with every of her action, it is important to show appreciation for the sacrifice made by the nurses. Do not belittle your date for her choices or views of the views and choices of those who command her.


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