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sweet couples

My Heart Desire – Episode 2

sweet couples

….. As I laid on my bed imagining the presence of Donald, I heard my phone ringing and immediately left to check on who exactly it could be.

I realized from the number that it was an unknown one. I panicked and with anxiousness answered the caller.

As we both talked, she introduced herself as a nurse in one of police hospital’s.

Seriously, I felt uneasy at that moment as I wondered what exactly could be the reason for the late car.

She explained to me that Donald was involved in an accident and was admitted to their hospital,of which they need my presence to sought him up.

I did feel disturbed and hurt but immediately dressed up and in my car,drove to the hospital. It was uncouth to see Donald injured than I even thought.

His left arm was amputated and the hand as well. Although his appearance looked younger than it was, the injury made him look somehow slim.

To be continued……

Story by: Ann Inspires

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