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Annie Gracie

I’m Sorry – Episode 10 (Final)

Annie Gracie

Just within a semester and I was thumbs up with almost every girl especially in my class all in the name of lecturing. All that while I never voiced it out to any so none recognized it.

Annie on the other hand still encouraged me to be careful anytime she called. It was surprising I had a schedule for arranging the private study with the girls.

Most of the guys doubted my intentions since they thought I was into magic which wasn’t the case.

Every week had a type of girl I had class with. I did this with them mostly at night and usually in my hostel. It was amazedly I did select them according to their names. Perhaps if this week goes with Angela, the next Barbara and then Catherine and followed alphabetically. It was getting closer to examination so imagine how it became. Almost every girl was pressuring to have a private study with me. I did it not for free but guess what follows next.

This continued for some time until examination began. Although I had several private study with the girls which took my time from my personal schedules but I was able to adjust some study hours mostly at dawn. Annie had also began with hers and reminded me of her coming. I was in mixed feelings as to how to react. Either to be happy or sad, I didn’t really know how my reactions were. My princess would finally be coming over and how about my affairs with my female colleagues. Some have fell in love with me and requesting to be with me forever.

How would I even spill out the truth so none of them realizes the truth? I was indeed puzzled in thought. I still love Annie and I can’t deny it though she denies me one thing but I’m very much into her. The others I would honestly say was lust I had for them. I just wanted to use them as substitute for my loss. Though I requested for it but I’m afraid it has to end since the secret would be heart aching to when Annie hears it.

We began the examination and I began to develop a stern behavior towards which I thought would help out. Some who notices it began to stay away from me but others tried to comfort since they thought I needed some help. After two weeks of examination Annie sent me a message telling me of her arrival. I was overjoyed since I did miss her a lot. I arranged my stuffs quickly and called our driver to pick me up from campus. As I waited patiently Dersery came over requesting she wanted to spend some time with me during the vacation.

I tried giving an excuse but she wouldn’t listen and still insisted she would go with me. I had no choice but to give in. Honestly  thoughts of Annie didn’t even come up for me redraw he decision.We left afterwards and surprising immediately we got there I saw a car packed in front our house . I was in doubt as to whose own it would be. I knew my parents were away so I didn’t think of them. I then told the driver to go inside the house with Dersery and that I wanted to check up who it was.

I alighted and retraced my step toward there and guess who it was Annie. I was in shock when I saw Annie and Ann both standing behind the car. I was immediately confused at what next would happen. Ann immediately came to embrace me and Annie stood speechless staring at us. Do you know each other already” Annie asked me. As I tried replying Ann then held my neck and whispered I really missed you Gerald, why did you leave without making me aware.

I was at that moment at the doorstep of hell since I couldn’t voice out any word. It was like have been turned into a toddle who was now learning to talk. I then excused myself from her so I could speak to my queen. I got to where she stood and all I could see was tears. How would you explain this Gerald, how could you. You promised to wait for me and its now my sister you having some with” I felt really disturbed.

Ann on the hand was shock as to what exactly could it be. What are you guys talking about “ she asked. I just didn’t know how to explain things. Ann who cared about nothing then told Annie I was her found boyfriend. I tried stopping her but she spilled out everything. I just couldn’t know how to start it. Annie kept staring at me and I realize she was indeed disappointed in me.

As we stood there trying to sought out things there came Dersery from the house. As soon as I saw her coming,I tried getting closer but Ann held my hand back and tried hugging me again. Dersery came closer and almost shocked asked what was happening. It was like I’ve been toyed now since I couldn’t speak for myself. You told me to wait inside and what’s going on here” Desery asked after minutes of silence.

I think you have know it without been told”” Ann said.

I don’t get you, flirt” Desery said looking angry.

A flrit , oh waow nice name Ann replied.

Just tell me what is going on Gerald” Desery retorted.

Emmmmm, Desery you won’t understand” Gerald tried explaining.

Meet my boyfriend Gerald “Ann came making the conversation more confusing.

All that while Annie just stared without saying anything. Dersery left afterwards in tears feeling disappointed and betrayed. After everything came back to normal I then took Annie’s hand trying to tell her every shit of it started. I knew she wouldn’t believe it as it really hurts. Ann just wouldn’t get over it but to still stress on me been her boyfriend. I then voiced it clearly that I never loved her and I that I just wanted her to feel loved that was why. As such I just lusted after her.

She suddenly became mute for sometime and left without saying anything again. I then knelt before Annie trying to explain every shit in it. I told all that happened between her sister and I and even the girls I was flirting with on campus. She was indeed shocked I was saying all these. “Annie, all you need to know now is that I love you and its you alone I love. I did all these not because I wanted to. I just couldn’t control my emotions when you left” I told her this with tears rolling down my cheeks.

So why did you promise me you would wait for me, Gerald?

So why did you make me believe you would control your emotions and feelings?

So were you lying to me? Annie asked as she cried out like a baby.

I wanted to but I was hurt when you told me you ain’t going to give in “ I tried defending myself.

Annie didn’t say anything but stared at me shockingly and with tears still coming out of her eyes. I knew I was at fault but I deeply regretted do them. I the got closer to Annie and held her hands.

Annie please look at me, please I’m sorry forgive me. I said as I also began to shed tears.”

She hugged me tightly showing she had, she asked me to promise her and I did.

We kissed happily after that


If you were Annie, would you have forgiven Gerald?

The end.

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