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Annie Gracie

I’m Sorry – Episode 6

Annie Gracie

I was surprised she kept singing all that without any mistake. I seemed she did enjoy it very much and that had quickened her to sing it the more. I then came out of her but she insisted she wanted more and I was stressed out.

I tried pleading but she wouldn’t listen to anything. I was confused as to how to make her understand that I needed some time to relax.

…I wondered how some guys could engage in this act for the whole week. Without you having much energy you can’t do it.

Still with my palms together pleading, I felt it was my fault since I wanted more and now I can’t handle it. Ann then stared at me for some time and all she could say was that “”You ain’t a man”” I felt very bad when I heard that but I didn’t want to react since I already knew how she was.

She then left to washroom to take a shower. I then wore my dress and arranged my stuffs in my room. After some minutes she came back from the washroom still naked but I immediately closed my eyes to avoid any temptation whatsoever. I needed more I thought but this is over my nerves. I took my phone and left to the hall for her to dress up so I could escort her. I switched on my data n went on WhatsApp but I realized there was a particular chat with series of messages.

I opened the chat and it was Annie. She wanted to relocate to a place she didn’t let me know. I began wondering where exactly she wanted to go. I then texted her trying to explain things to her but she just gave me blue ticks without reply. I really felt hurt as I deeply loved Annie with all my heart and I cared less if I got hurt because of her. Ann came to the hall after dressing up and I requested to escort her.

She then held me up and kissed me, something I didn’t expect after what happened. I then remembered what Annie sent and pulled back from the act. Ann then held my hands and we left afterwards. It was when I returned that I began to reflect on what my life is going to be if I don’t take a decision.

I thought about my future and realized it would be imperative if I choose one to focus on. I then sent Annie a message telling her I’m ready to be with her for the rest of life and that she should have no perception of me faking my love for her. I told her no matter what had happened she should know that I do love her and I’m ready to go through the worse to have a future with her. I then received a signal after that which supposedly meant she had received the message.

I then prayed earnestly in my heart to get a reply from Annie and God who answers prayers made her reply me saying “ she also wanted to be with and no one else, but she ain’t convinced if I’m going to faithful or not. She did express her deepest love for and I was deeply happy. I then tried calling her and she immediately answered. We chatted for a while until she told me she was out of Accra due to what happened and probably will be there for a month.

I was hurt on hearing that but I had no objection to it since she had already left. “Don’t worry about me please I would be a good girl “she finally said and requested I make a promise not to break her heart. I then told her” Annie, I promise “we both smiled on the call after that and she later hanged up.

Annie was one different girl who respected her dignity and felt everyone should be fairly treated no matter what. She was very principled especially with things which involve love issues due to what she went through before. She always wanted the best and any bad thing left her either sad or thinking. However, reflecting on this I vowed not to hurt her again no matter what.

Days flew into weeks and months and our results were released. Annie called me one early morning and announced how joyful she was about her result. She had credibly passed and also been admitted to one of the universities but would flying out of the country to further her education since her parents requested to.. I was very elated at the news since I also got admitted but would be furthering in the country.

I had no choice but to accept it since it was her parent’s decision and it would help her future. It was a moment of mixed feelings since I would be missing her as well and it’s going to be very long and intense. We encouraged ourselves and made promises to wait for each other till it’s time to be together. We talked about other things and finally requested Annie to visit since it would be a week before her travel.

Ann on the hand I learnt was into modeling and had no intention of going back to school as such would be staying over while Annie is gone. I felt awkward at the thought of the change in events. I just can’t stop Ann from coming if Annie is gone since I will miss her dearly and in a case use her as my change in commodity to satisfy my lost, I therefore imagined.

The day for Annie to visit finally arrived and I prepared very well since I hadn’t seen her in months. I watched the romance again this time into extreme. I laid my bed very well and switched off my phone to avoid any problem this time.

To be continued

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