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Annie Gracie

I’m Sorry – Episode 8

By: Annie-Gracie

Annie Gracie

I couldn’t bring up any as I sat there feeling like a fool. Thoughts of Ann began to flash through my mind. Ann wouldn’t have done anything like with this. Annie is been too awkward and stubborn I imagined. Ann would have even insisted I do it without objecting like with Annie. I then came up with an idea which I knew would be heart aching but I gave no heed because I didn’t want my manhood to be tired of dancing “one corner” I thought.

I stood up after sometime of thinking and left to the room. As I got there I saw Annie crying but I tried pretending I didn’t hear anything.

The more I took my mind off the more my heart insisted I go to her aid. I then left to where she was seated and placed her head on my chest as I tabbed her back like a baby. I don’t know the very secret Annie has in rousing the love I have for her.

I realized although after several things that happened between us the love I had for her kept growing bigger and stronger every day. Would there be a reason that I have been possessed by her love? I kept fumbling on it without knowing what exactly it could be. Annie then sat up after she stopped crying. She then held my hands , “Gerald , I really love you but I’m scared you would jilt me midway that’s why I want us to control ourselves  since we are still young. We would definitely meet up and do everything you want in some years to come. Please understand me, I just want the best for the both of us. Promise me you ain’t going to do anything that would hurt me when I’m gone.”

Immediately I heard Annie requesting I should make a promise again than thoughts of the decision I had taken began racing through my mind. Its surprising she wants me to stay over here alone and wait for her until she comes back for us to do it. Obviously I had can’t be faithful but just to give her a positive answer I smiled to show agreement in what she said. She then hugged me elated but my mind and emotions were far from normal.

She released me afterwards and then requested to take leave. I really would miss her though when  she’s  gone but I realized she didn’t care about that part. I escorted and she finally left. I came back really hurt and disappointed thinking of what to do next. I just don’t really know if my emotions were deceiving or such because I was deeply and crazily in love with Annie and would have loved to stay faithful till she returns but was puzzled in thoughts on how to control myself.

Annie is really hurting me I thought, maybe I can’t give her the love she’s expecting. I knelt and prayed silently for strength to have self control while Annie was away. It was indeed a heart aching prayer because it wouldn’t be east to stay alone for probably 3-4months before she returns for holiday. I then concluded my prayer with *With God all things are possible*.

I then turned on my phone and I saw a message from Annie saying she was off to the airport with Ann. I wanted to ask if Ann would also be going but I stopped since I didn’t want her to think there was something going on. I then wish her a safe fight and told her to take care. She promised to do so and I turned my data off. Would Ann be going with her? I thought she told me she would be staying over. I kept fumbling on it. I didn’t know what had come over me. Was I falling for Ann too? Its indeed strange.

Weeks came by after Annie had left and I also prepared for school. I then decided to stay on campus to avoid been lonely. The courses I studied were more of calculations as such I didn’t really sit to read any. Either I woke up to make some research online or I went to the library to read a book. I really wanted to keep myself busy and from any interruptions. Ladies on campus were really pretty and attractive that any man would be ready to go out with them.

I realized most of them never cared of anything just like Ann. My class had the well enticing ladies who were always exclusively dressed with their make ups on which made them looked more attractive. Their beauty I could honestly say was extraordinary just like Annie. I really didn’t know how to avoid of them if they approached me. I would have loved to have their company I thought.

My hall on the other hand was a unisex hall. They were both females and males and you can imagine how tempting it would be. Most of the ladies either visited the guys or the ladies with the guys. My room was not left out since we were two in a room and the guy dated on campus. The lady been a Nigerian mostly came there with apparels which usually revealed the most enticing parts of her body.

Although I was now in the university but I still had a shyful nature. I really hated mingling with friends but due to my relationship with Annie so I came over it a little. I could easily talk to my female mates only when we have group discussions. Scarcely would you see me talking to them during normal class. I left to the hostel one day after lectures and surprisingly this girl was there waiting for the other guy who was still on campus. This time her dress was far beyond imagination. I just couldn’t think far

To be continued

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