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Annie Gracie

I’m Sorry – Episode 9

By: Annie-Gracie

Annie Gracie

Although I was in the university but that shy nature was still in me. I rarely talked to my mates unless we had a group discussion which usually needs my contributions or such.

Most of the ladies in my class were indeed pretty and that any young guy would have loved to socialize with but due to my shyness I couldn’t. Their dressing and make ups to class were always exclusive and exceptional. Hardly would you find any without a makeup on.

Being new to the place I tried to adapt to everything happening on campus either in class or hostel.

I wanted to keep the best part of behavior to suit what Annie requested me to. I was careful especially with the ladies as most of them usually dressed almost naked revealing the enticing part of their body. Although it hasn’t been easy to take off my eyes from them when you see it but I tried to.

One stressful day after a boring lecture and I left to the hostel, immediately I entered my heart almost bumped out of my body like a bomb. My other roommate’s girlfriend was there almost half naked. This Nigerian girl wore a sparkling dressing of which revealed the boobs. Her fair thighs were showing and they indeed attractive. Immediately I entered I tried returning but she told me I could come in.

“ I think I have to stay on campus maybe you need some privacy”  I intentionally said this while staring at her from sole of her foot right through her thighs, almost within it and later her boobs which were deadly un-avoiding. “You can come in please” she pleaded. I just wanted to but I was tensed up with her attractive nature. Suddenly I could realize that my self control was getting out of sight as I went to where my bed was so I could have a nap.

As I got there about taking of my bag I felt something holding my right hand. I became tensed and almost lost in control as to how to watch back. She then said” I came because I knew you would be coming over, its about time I reveal my feelings I have for you as I can’t hold it anymore. I always come here because of you but it seems you don’t notice it because you want to keep away from but I want you, Gerald.”

On hearing that I was suddenly speechless unable to voice out anything. At that moment I couldn’t even think about Annie or Ann. It was like I’ve been given answers together with questions to solve again. I stared at her not knowing which reply to even gives her. She then held my neck but I didn’t want to create any problem between my roommate and I so I tried telling her to stop it but she told her guy had left home. I was surprised she knew it and intentionally came over. What then do you need from me? I asked her as I sat on my bed. I want to feel you, Gerald. Prince ain’t my taste and it hurts me a lot since he doesn’t make me feel the way I want things to be.

I stared at her as she voiced something awkward about his guy. “Honestly I’m stressed up and not in the mood to do anything like that” I tried taking off her hands on my thighs. We can try, it would work out Gerald. Two heads can make something great “she said this as she gave me a romantic look. I was dead in tracks as she begins turning her lips just to make me feel that she really wanted something.

It was over two months now and I’ve controlled myself too long I thought. Annie had voiced out clearly not to give in until we about to stay together. A part of me although accepts it but still finds it thriving how uneasy it would be since temptations runs everywhere. Ann on the hand because I didn’t tell her I was in school so I hadn’t seen her since. I think only this moment won’t change anything after all I wouldn’t voice it out to anyone so Annie would probably not sense anything.

I switched to normal now as I stared at that enticing nature of God’s creature before. I then held her neck and told her after today I don’t think we should do any such again. She smiled and promised not to. I pulled her up and guess what happened we were out within the clouds almost up to heaven. I realized its been long and I did miss it but I wanted to be faithful to Annie. Just within 15 minutes we were back to normal and she went to the washroom to freshen up.

Indeed she had finally tensed me up and made my day after the boring lectures I realized I was okay now. She came back after some minutes and wore her clothes and later gave me peck and left afterwards. It was though like a dream but indeed a reality. I began to cope up with my mates after the meeting I had with this girl. I had the courage to talk in class and most girls loved my voice when I spoke up mostly during time of questions.

I was beginning to adapt to a new character which supposedly I would say may not help but I wanted to feel okay. My colleagues began to call me Exprez which meant to them I was easy to click with. Almost every girl wanted to talk to me in class after they realized I was a shark. They began to ask if I could help them with assignments and personal learning and I did accept it only from the pretty ones I knew I could get something in return.

All that while Annie called usually on weekends and I always gave her excuses. I pretended I was adhering to what she told me. Weeks flew by into months and the time of examination was getting closer. Almost every week had me having an affair in my hostel with a girl after my private study all in the name of lecturing them. Just a semester and I was almost thumbs up with every single girl especially in my class. Most of the guys began to assume that I had magic and that aided me to do so but it was a lie. Every week and the type of girl I meet. Maybe this week was Angela next would be Barbara then Catherine. It followed suit alphabetically.

To be continued…

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