Irrelevant Celebrity Status – An Era Of Going Viral With Abusive Contents On The Social Media




Some few weeks ago,  Christabel Ekeh’s  pictures broke both the social and traditional media. Many young   Ghanaians spread the pictures like wildfire.

Today, it’s “Rashida Malafaka ” the young lady who has lost touch with  good manners, thinking breaking the social media with abusive contents is the only way a woman can become famous. I blame the media and some young Ghanaians who blithesomely watched the “Malakafaka video,” shared with their networks and applauded her for going viral. It didn’t end there; she was given an award for her exploits.

Getting many views, likes, and reactions alone on Facebook doesn’t make a person attain celebrity status.

This girl went through a broken heart which resulted to the first video. Instead of finding counselors for her, we supported her for making that abusive video. As a young girl, the society has made her believe that, the way to go is to use every means possible to gain cheap popularity using the social media.

Looking at the trend, young people do not have a good example to follow. Because, they have seen that, society doesn’t reward hard work.

In other parts of the world, young people are coming out with inventions almost every day. They leverage on the social media to connect with people across the globe. In our part, it’s very pathetic to know that, majority of the Youth are not harnessing the goodies of the social media.

About two weeks ago, some young scientist from the All Nations University put Ghana on the world map of scientific breakthrough. Though, some well meaning youth shared the message, I believe, it didn’t get the needed hype or attention to motivate other young Ghanaians to believe that, their location is not the cause of their failure, but continuous learning and hardwork is.

Today, Rashida Black Beauty has 39000 followers on Facebook. She has come back to  insult the same group of people, who hailed her. Don’t feel angry for the insults because, you made her relevant.

How would we stop this nude photos and videos from going viral when we keep sharing them across the social media, giving the culprits cheap publicity by granting them interviews et. al.


Before you share nude videos and pictures, ask yourself if you will be happy to share your sibling or daughter’s nakedness on the social media just because it is leaked.

Going forward, education should be carried out by the National Communication Authority, the telcos, the media (failing in educating the young people), schools, and religious organizations.

Break the internet with something which the future generations will benefit.

If you gain cheap social media hype and fake celebrity status, your unborn generation will pay for the mistakes they didn’t have any idea about.

By Kenneth Gyamerah ©

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