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Kenya welcomes Chinese company to support its steel industry

Steel rods or bars used to reinforce concrete, in warehouse

President Uhuru Kenyatta has given the green light to China Communications and Construction Company’s pledge of partnering with local companies in fostering steel manufacturing industry in the country.

The president, who spoke while meeting the Assistant President of China Communication Company Mr. Wen Gang, said that Kenya cherishes the support of private sector in developing its infrastructure.

Uhuru added that the Jubilee Government is committed at improving the infrastructure in its effort to grow the nation’s economy.

“We will always welcome projects that accelerate economic growth to create jobs for young Kenyans,” he said, noting that participation of local companies should be embraced in all projects implemented in the country by international companies.

The President commended the Chinese company for working with county governments in implementing the Standard Gauge railway.

On his part, Wen said that his company has already recruited 2,464 Kenyans for the initial work of the project. The company will impart skills and transfer technology to the locals so as to help the country in the manufacture of components for the SGR project locally.

He added that at the peak of the project over 30,000 locals would have been employed directly while 40 % of the work would be sub-contracted to the local companies.

“We will continue recruiting local people to impart skills and also ensure transfer of technology,” Wen said.

He said the Chinese Government attaches great importance to the project and his company will deliver quality work on time. 87 construction teams from China have already arrived with over 2000 pieces of equipment to ensure the project takes off by September.

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