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My Manhood Wants To Resume ‘Work’ – Waakye

Veteran Ghanaian actor and comedian, Prince Yawson better known as Waakye think his manhood is now active and ready for the bedroom ‘bully’.

The actor who was advised by doctors to keep away from any sexual activities feels he is completely healed and can now start the bedroom work.

Waakye as he is popularly referred to by everyone revealed that he feels his manhood at least four times before daybreak.

“I feel my manhood almost five times before day breaks and I can see that it is working very well. It shakes its head like an agama lizard to show that now it is back on track”.

“It is always asking me that don’t I have any job for it but I tell it to wait for some time. I will start giving it jobs and it will even become fed-up when I start giving it more jobs to work on.” – he said in a recent interview on radio.

Waakye is a famous actor who has featured in many movies including Television  series ‘Chorkor Trotro’



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