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Meet “T-blay”, The New Male Hip pop Artist

Although the music scene in Ghana seem dominated by English, Ga, Twi and Ewe languages, new hip hop artiste, T Blay and he believes he can break through with Hiphop
The Somanya-based rapper, who describes himself as the only Hiphop rapper currently in the country, believes he has what it takes to succeed as a musician and is out with his latest song
The Hip pop Genre is growing bigger and better for the past years.
Even though the industry have makes it very difficult for a Hip pop artist to survive,but in recent times we have seen many artistes doing great with their prowess giving the artistes great competition and sleepless night.

Names like Kewsi Aurthr,Medikal,Kojo Cue and others are all doing great with their music careers.

New to add his name to the above mentioned is a young talent by name Mathew Bansah Blay

T-blay as his Stage name born on 1st January 1993 is an old student of Yolo krobo Senior High School,Somanya. Among the few hip pop acts in Ghana, what makes T-blay different is his ability to write his own songs and his fluency in Hip pop slang

Doing music has always been his dream since infancy, active music became a reality in April 2016.

The zeal to achieve greater heights with hip pop music as a whole has always been his inspiration and a tool which has kept him moving forward. T-blay is an intelligent, versatile, fun loving Artist who is proud of himself with his signature #Is T 2 The Blay. His works such as “Best Guy, Angela, Hold on tight ,My Tym, 49:45 etc has actually nabbed the attention of Hip pop and good music lovers, winning him a lot of fans in Ghanaian music industry and beyond.

T-blay is undoubtedly the next big thing in Ghanaian Hip pop music. Follow him on his social media handles for updates of his music.
Facebook@T Blaygh

T-Blay , The new face of hip hop music in Ghana

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