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Meet The Young Designer Mackieyo Adjeigah Yao Tetevi, CEO Of MACKIEYOS KLODIN.

Mackieyo Adjeigah Yao Tetevi is a young fashion designer with the brand name MACKIEYOS KLODIN who has found love for art and fashion at a very young age.

He studied and trained at Vestiaco fashion school in Togo and completed in 2012 and furthered on with an attachment at Kofas fashion in Sogakope in the Volta region for fashion for 3 years to expand his skill level on the cutting table and sewing machine.

Focused on intricate African designs the Mackieyos Klodin designs has become one of the most recognized and respected designs with clients both Home and abroad.

Mackieyo Adjeigah Yao Tetevi is one of the few most outstanding upcoming fashion designers with great inspiration.

As an independent designer, Mackieyo founded the brand in March 2015.

Since then he has created eminent designs and styles for quality and sustainable clothing.

His reputation is preserved by carefully monitoring the process from start to finish.

In creating a design,he carefully takes in everything which includes inspiration to create something that is innovative and will inspire others.

He has in stock amazing designs, detailed pieces and impeccable collection of African designs.

Mackieyos Klodin

The name Mackieyo’s Klodin as his brand name because he wants to be identified or recognized by His household name.



As an upcoming designer, people underestimated his age and also building his own brand but that hasn’t been easy but he sailed through with determination.


This would be his first official appearance on the runway fashion show which would pave way to exhibit his designs on the platform.

He uses Fabric from woodin to other African fabrics and to him “fashion is inspiration and might seem as magic but the beauty part of it is creation”.


Mackieyo Adjeigah Yao Tetevi with the fashion brand as Mackieyos Klodin is a participating designer in the African twins Fashion week organized by JadEvents


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