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MUSIGA In Trouble, Members Complain Of Getting No Benefits

A group of up and coming artistes (names withheld) have rallied their support behind Radio personality, Mixtic RomRas for tasking Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) to wake up and sit up.

Following an earlier publication by FNNews MUSIGA Must Sit Up – Mixtic RomRas Cautions’, these concerned up and coming artistes who are registered members of the union say they have not derived any benefits yet.

From all indications, most members of MUSIGA particularly up and coming musicians are being snubbed and neglected by the union although they pay their dues.

An audio made available to FNNews, one particularly artiste vented his anger on the union and asked it to sit up immediately.

He also prayed that ‘law of Karma’ should catch up with all executive members of MUSIGA misusing their money for personal gains.

He said;

“I pray the ‘law of karma’ catch up with them for misusing our monies. You can’t a hustler’s money and go scot-free.”

“We are tired of paying dues to MUSIGA and getting no benefit. What is the benefit of being a member of MUSIGA?

These musicians have threatened to stop paying their dues pretty if there is no improvement in the running of the affairs of the union.

Listen to full audio below;

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com

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