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Osman Rahim Hassan

NPP Constitutional Amendment In “Limbo,” Party To Be Overtaken By A Storm


November 30, 2017

Osman Rahim Hassan

The party at a press confab on November 29, 2017, brought to the attention of the party membership base a decision arrived at by N.E.C.

Paragraph 3 of the press confab statement states “The National Council, which is the party’s second decision making body pursuant to Article 9 (b) of the party constitution has “unanimously” resolved that all persons serving as Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives  (MMDCEs) who wish to contest as Parliamentary Candidates in constituencies where the party has sitting MPs, are NOT ELIGIBLE to contest unless they resign from their current positions at least three years before the ensuing NATIONAL GENERAL ELECTIONS.

In actuality, the three years stated time as at the time of the addressed confab and inconsistent with the constitution of the party, the MMDCEs ‘only’ have seven (7) days to effect a decision of resignation in the event a parliamentary ambition is of interest.

This decision is simply misplaced and a fight against Rights of persons coupled with the imposition of leadership.

This decision when compromised by the MMDCEs will ultimately mean the realm of revoking one’s appointment is on its basis. In other words, one is NOT entitled to dismissal when the decision is guided.

The intended purpose of the decision as captured in Paragraph three is simply unethical and inconsistent with the rights of the party members.

Paragraph 4 also seeks to inject an inability order of denudation unto rank and file of the party at the regional level from contesting Parliamentary Candidates of the party. “A decision to stampede and uphold incompetence over ability”.


Without missing words, this directive defeats democracy and does not have any sense of equality.

These two decisions  ( paragraph 3 and 4) are nothing different from the cooked and sinister driven attempt of the pending agenda to make parliamentarians leaders of the party at the constituency level and president or flagbearer the leader of the party even when an election is lost.Further, a grand ploy to dislodge all constituency executives and make parliamentarians ultimate decision makers.

It is instructive to note that the party will never survive this ploy to sideline proficient and able men and women with this sinister, barbaric and monstrous ploy.


In conclusion, it will be beneficial to the leadership of the party to reconsider the already resting drafted proposal pending passage into law on the 17th of December 2017.

Without relevant revisit to the call of the outrageous resistance meted out against the proposed amendment of the constitution in Cape Coast, the party will be overtaken by a storm.


Thank you.


Osman Rahim Hassan




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