NPP govt Shivers as NDC Elects


Ghana’s biggest opposition political party, the National Democratic Congress’s congress to elect party officials who would steer the party to elections come 2020, just ended over the weekend, and the big winners include Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, Sammy Gyamfi, and Asiedu Nketiah to name a few !!

The successful congress televised nationwide and globally thanks to social media, was a clear signal to foreign investors and Ghanaians by and large that a new crop of Ghanaian politicians are on the rise with credible competencies that seem to make the current NPP government scramble for water if not H2O.

Ghana under the NPP Government is undergoing its toughest challenge ever as a country and our country’s leadership seems to be in denial because they have suddenly become numb to the real plight of the average Ghanaian. The major challenges include high prices in fuel which translates to the cost of the most essential consumer goods (food and transport) and rather, unfortunately, foreign governments namely and most EU countries , seem to turn a blind eye to the blatant lack of commitment in addressing social interventions with a real-time solution based template by this government, forgetting that its hardships like this that evolves in migration towards supposed greener pastures. And we all know Europe is battling immigration, yet their policymakers seem blind to indicators that lead to mass migration.

The Newly Elected NDC executives have a task ahead, which is to ensure that they can give the people of Ghana hope and a better solution to the country’s socio-economic challenges. Ghanaians are slowly tipping off the edge, by no longer holding public figures in high esteem, instead, contempt towards politicians who weave their ways through traffic in 4×4 vehicles with tinted glasses is on the rise. In recent times, the entourage of Government officials plying various routes across the country have been hooted at, hailed insults and even cursed at ., all of which indicates the distastefulness to the Nana Akuffo Addo’s presidency.

NDC members and Ghanaians by and large expect the newly elected executives to step up pressure on the government to enable it not get away with daytime robbery through it’s sneakily crafted formation of new districts.

On behalf of all the diasporan Ghanaians who took time to come to Ghana to witness/oversee or be a part of the party’s congress, l say Congratulations to all the newly elected executives. As Sammy Ampofo said, the new executives should reach out to all on the march to 2020. Long live the NDC party, God bless Ghana.

R. Kwafo
Social Commentator
NDC Diasporan

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