Pizarea Fulfilling Their Social Responsibilities


Food is a key part of our basic necessities very often people forget our systems need food to thrive and the strength of are man is determined on how many times he gets the right diet to feed himself.

Society has lots of challenges that needs solutions, economics, education and entertainment fall within the key areas the status quo is developing to improve humanity and make our societies a better place to live in.

Pizarea a food delivery business really pay critical attention to key areas of all these developmental factors mentioned above and very often try to find solutions to solve such problems with their key service components ‘food’, they involve in some activities that impact lives of the youth and members of our future generation.

A year ago Pizarea took an initiative to partner Gentlemenradio in out dooring talents through a show called Top 10 on Gentlemenradio. The success story led Pizarea into organizing an event called the round table which help train some artistes on branding and marketing. Beneficiaries included Kenny N who later won an award in the Nzema Music awards,  Bobby Jr GH whose brand has moved higher ever since, Jessy Gh who arguably is one of the best vocalist in Ghana at the moment, Ntekyere who received nominations in a couple of central music awards and Joash currently active in music in Tema.

Along the line, Pizarea have rewarded many fans with preferred foods on their birthdays just to fulfil their responsibilities as the number one food ordering and food delivery business in Ghana. Pizarea were sponsors of the maiden edition of the FN business Awards which rewarded hardworking businesses for their roles in our national development, Pizarea have also been sponsoring various programs on radio and television that have interest in unearthing hidden talents.

In recent times Pizarea partnered Jeremite international school to rewards one teachers and students in their 4th Graduation ceremony. Unprecedented achievement by a very young company which have over the years grown to be a reputable business and a key problem solving business.

More programs are being prepared with promotional products  with other partners like papa’s pizza and Eddy’s pizza to make food affordable and big enough to share. Services like the buy one get one free at half price and the Monday madness are all part of the designed arrangements to satisfy customers who patronize services of Pizarea


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