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Rejected by his People; accepted by the World – The story of the internationally recognized Multiple Awards Winning Dr. Nyarkotey

Dr. Nyarkotey


This interview was taken from http://saviouragobah.com. Titled: Raphael Nyarkotey Obu – Multiple Awards Winning Holistic Doctor which first appeared on their website.

Congratulations sir

Kindly help us share your rich experiences with our audiences on how you overcame the fear of the unknown in your chosen career/path.

TFOTU : Tell us your name and what you are doing currently

Doctor: Raphael Nyarkotey Obu is my name; a prolific science writer, a practitioner of Holistic Medicine registered and licensed by the Traditional Medicine Practice Council of the Ministry of Health and the National president of the Alternative Medical Association of Ghana (AMAG). Was appointed as a research professor of Prostate cancer and Holistic Medicine at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca City, Cyprus, Vice Chancellor of Dr. Nyarkotey College of Holistic Medicine, Tema Community Seven Post Office. Principal research scientist and product developer at RNG Medicine Research lab, Medical Director at RNG Holistic Hospital and Prostate Research Lab, Tema community, 18. Columnist for the Chronicle newspaper and modern Ghana with close to two million readers of my articles on modernghana sites according to modernghana column review. My column in the Chronicle has become the most sought after and read on Fridays in the newsstand and frequently used by Oheneba Ntim Barima; a researcher of natural medicine on Oman FM.

TFOTU : What motivated you into what you are doing

Doctor: Well, actually I was told by Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor of the Holy Ghost Temple of the International Central Gospel Church, Adenta-Fafraha branch of the challenges ahead and my greatness ahead through a prophetic Ministration .So I wasn’t actually bothered with whatever would come on my way in the future. Besides, growing up right from the Primary school to the Junior Basic School; I knew what I wanted to become. Actually, I wanted to become a Pharmacist, so I was very good in Chemistry and my colleagues can attest to that. But couldn’t make the grade for the Pharmacy program. But I love reading the newspapers, so one day I saw a pharmacy Assistant training program offered by Rapha Development Institutes and decided to study the course hoping it would be the beginning of my pharmacy carrier. All along, going to School at Teshie St. Annes there is this pharmacy shop I always sees on my way to remind me of my pharmacy profession. So after the pharmacy Assistant course, I worked for while in a couple of Pharmacy shops until I diverted to focus on Medical Sonography. After sonography, I worked in an herbal center where I saw men doing everything possible to save their prostate! At that time, no one knows about the subject prostate! I was the architect behind the herbal prostate center until we had misunderstanding and I was sacked from the work with no wrong doings. I quite remember, some patients had to advise the owner of the center not to lay me off but he rejected because as at that time there was no challenger and besides they thought that was the end of my story.


TFOTU : Were you faced with ‘what if’ questions when you decided to follow this path?


In my journey to achieve my goals were not that simple! Because at that time no one knows what the prostate thing is all about. No awareness and no national attention were paid to it. So after I was sacked from my job, I moved on to establish an ultrasound centre at Dodowa, Akoto House with several challenges. I used that platform to create awareness on prostate issues and screening. Until I was once advised to consider studying a course in prostate cancer by Mr. Kwabena Amponsah of CEO of Adwinsa Publications. I quite remember I told him, this field prostate thing was for the Urologists but I didn’t know it also existed for other professionals. So I decided to do further research on prostate cancer programs until I chanced on a master’s program in prostate cancer organized by Sheffield Hallam University, UK and Prostate Cancer UK and fortunately was offered admission. The program at that time was a standalone module Master’s program and was the first ever prostate cancer program for health professionals. It was in the program that we were introduced to complementary medicine for dealing with side effects of conventional treatment and I realized there is another form of medicine called alternative medicine. So I decided to study alternative medicine as a PhD Program. In my PhD, the research interest was still on prostate cancer. I was happy as PhD candidate but I realized that PhD was nothing so I apply for postdoctoral program after PhD at Da Vinci College of Holistic Medicine, Larnaca city, Cyprus under Dr. George Georgiou at the Da Vinci Health Centre. The research topic was on the hibiscus plant and prostate health. It was my postdoc at Da Vinci that I was well groomed and introduced to the world of holistic medicine. I remember vividly, my former employer later published a disclaimer against me in the Daily Graphic after years I left them when later they heard of my name popping up. It was just an interview Daily Guide granted me like this one and they asked what motivated me to do this prostate cancer thing. So I told them; I once worked at a facility where we were seeing more prostate patients, fortunately, I mentioned the name of the facility but they misconstrue the interview. They called me and threatened court action against me; but I didn’t say anything. Later, they published the disclaimer against me. Interestingly, today, we all worship in the same church…


TFOTU : How did you deal with ‘what if’ questions in your journey to achieving your goals?


All I want to tell the youth is that success is from God. Your employer may sack you from their company but that is not your work. Your job is different from your work. Your work is your talent given to you by God; job is what someone or a company may employ you to do. So they may sack you from their job; but your work still holds, because that is your talent and no one can take it from you! Your total income is different from your salary!


There is indeed a Prophet at the Holy Ghost Temple. The church changed my life and the only way to a successful life is to have an encounter with God. The spiritual life is pivotal to success in life and the Youth must accept Christ and lead his path for successful career.


I quite remember in 2017, I was billed for the District Chief Executive Position at the Shai-Osudoku constituency and some people wrote negative things about me. I went to the Prophet at the Holy Ghost Temple. Prophet Christopher Yaw Annor told me to forget this DCE thing in Shai Osudoku because what he sees in the research center for me is more than the presidency. … He said; ..Ghana is suffering because of lack of evidence based research in the health sector and this is my calling. .I listened to him and forgoes the DCE thing; so when people were saying oh why? I knew where I was going because the Prophet has spoken to me already….today. …received the top two research awards in the UK and made a huge breakthrough with the hibiscus plant using bioscalar technology. God also brought some good partners on my way to help me with business carriers. Partnership is about trust so the youth needs to exhibit this and stay humble!


TFOTU : What would you like to tell those who are holding back due to the fear of the unknown and ‘what if’ questions like you did?

Indeed our DNA is not our destiny. Our fate is not tied down to the very day the sperm fertilized the egg.  It is only a roadmap and we have control on our DNA. God came into my DNA – my genes; to redirect it from the Dodowa forest and today I am recognized as a medical giant in the industry with my prostate cancer charity, Men’s Health Foundation Ghana.

I am always guided by this personal philosophy, which goes like this “the future you picture is the future you will feature, the ‘YOU’ you see is the ‘YOU’ you will become. Therefore picture a great future to feature and desire a great ‘YOU’ to become and the almighty God will see to it that you have featured in the future you have pictured and have become the YOU, you have desired.

Once again, we hope you really enjoyed the time with Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, the international award winning   holistic medical practitioner.

By Saviour Agobah


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