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Response To Foolish Fadi Daboussi On His Mindless Attack On Murtala Mohammed




Greetings from Binduri.

Do you know that when you die you don’t get to know that you are dead but the pain is only felt by others? The same applies to when you are very Stupid.

I usually ignore vomits from dogs like you because I know you will eat back your vomitus but on a second thought, I deem it necessary to give you a fitting reply to your madness published as work of journalism and published on Ghanaweb. I am not sure whether you were trained in the Kandahar Institute of Rebel Journalism in Afghanistan or you are just one of the toilet pen-dogs pleasing the failing family and friends commission destroying our economy on daily basis. I bet per your name, if you are an NDC member, the NPP will call you a Lebanese imported to do dirty political jobs but because you please them, they reluctantly view you as a Ghanaian as long as it immures to their benefit.

I will begin my response to your toilet shit with this quote from the gentleman you began attacking and digressed to a tranced rabies-infected dog barking on John Mahama and other important personalities in the NDC:

*I just read what the gentleman wrote and frankly, I have been shaking my damn head in disbelief that this guy parades the corridors of power as a journalist. For some reasons, I wouldn’t have dignified what he wrote with a response but since u tagged me with it let me just say that the guy wrote this at a time when he was either drunk or perhaps seriously required a psychiatric attention.*

Yes, you need a psychiatric attention. Perhaps you have been paid something small to divert attention from another CNTCI scam OsafoMarfo wanted to visit on Ghanaians. In the style of sourcing funds from a hairdressing saloon, your patron submitted a budget of Six Million Cedis (GHc6 million) to Parliament for approval for his one-man ministry. Parliament could not be convinced what the huge budget is meant for so it was rejected. Daboussi did you ask yourself why the ‘clean’ OsafoMarfo did not contest Parliament’s decision? If it is not a needless scam do you think even your corrupt AkuffoAddo whom you are seeking to glorify will not protest?

You called everyone in the NDC fools! Accepted without admitting. What will you call the animals in the NPP like you who have blinded yourselves with AkuffoAddo’s dirty cloth so that you cannot see the massive corruption under your very noses? Have you asked your crazy achiever OsafoMarfo how come he awarded contracts during CAN 2008 for stadia but could not complete them for the tournament? You may not know so let me give you an example. Your hardworking OsafoMarfo awarded the contract for the construction of the University of Ghana Stadium which was to be used as training ground for Group A teams. He did not complete the project and the stadium was never used for the tournament. Now find out a useless journalist who the contractor was, how much he was paid and why he did not complete the project up to date almost 10 years on.


You will also find out from that tribal bigot whether it was not his incompetence that led to a financial loss to the state where Waterville Holdings Ltd won a judgment debt of around €35,000.00. Kindly also find out whether it was not OsarfoMarfo who caused the Woyome debacle on our hands now. Again, find out how much OsafoMarfo borrowed in the name of Ghana as Minister of Finance and Economic Planning from the IFC and CNTCI which his senior minister predecessor, J.H. Mensah had to push to the backburner in Parliament.

Tell me now who is more corrupt than the mafia you are defending. Do you think in your shallow brain Ghanaians do not regret voting these armed robbers into government? You had the gut to insult Former President John Mahama. Ingrates like you have no place in Ghanaian society. Even your talkative AkuffoAddo cannot match him.

But wait! Were you attacking Murtala Mohammed right? How did you end up descending strangely on innocent people like His Excellency John Mahama and his brother? Something is fishy. You are now an agent provocateur in the NPP’s grand agenda to paint John Mahama black with non-existent corruption. You have fallen flat Mr. If you want to publicize family and friends government look no further. Just take a trotro from 37, after a 2-minutes’ drive alight and turn right. There is a monument of corruption called the Flagstaff House. Go in there, you will get a free pass since you are one of them, and take the list of the occupants of that monument.

Then step out and take another trotro and move forward to the heart of Accra. Locate the center called ministries and ask who the heads of all of them are. After all these, you will get a tall list of family, friends, and confidantes of the Chief Priest Nana Akuffo, the priest of corruption. The seat on which he sits is very expensive in US Dollars. That is corruption. You have not heard how the Chief Priest defended the first major scandal of his era. His vested interest drove him to stop investigations into the BOST scandal. You are not bothered. A fool like you have not heard how a minister appointed her brother as administrator of the National Premix Secretariat and illegally diverted 249 tankers of premix fuel. Your senior Minister who is clean and supervises this Minister neither saw nor heard.

Your senseless NPP governors have looted our state coffers in many other instances but to you a blockhead they are not thieves. GHc177 million was spent on administrative expenses alone to secure a failed ESLA bond issue. The huge money sunk in the Ghana@60 has not been accounted for. Our money was illegally siphoned to fly nonentities to UNGA Session this year. CHRAJ has just indicted your overhyped Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, of illegalities in the issuance of the GHc2.25 billion bond. You are stupid so I won’t waste my energy to give you more examples of gargantuan corruption under the dishonest dwarf.


But let me advise that the elephants you are fronting for are not to be trusted. When you finish vomiting you will one day eat back your vomit for you are a mad dog to them. Do you remember your co-elephant Kwame AsareObenga.k.a A-Plus? He vomited in the monument of corruption; the chief priest was incensed by the revelation and ordered him to eat back his vomit. It is nasty to do so but when a marauding elephant charges on you, hahaaa you may collapse before it attacks you. He is now placed in the enviable comity of folks like Chairman Paul Afoko, Sammy Crabbe and KwabenaAgyepong. You may say your case is different but just watch well. I will remind you of this at the right time.

Now back to the fine gentleman you attacked with big lies because you are a toilet journalist who wrote from a leaky water closet, I reproduce below some of his achievements as copied from his Facebook response unedited:

1) I facilitated the connection of 47 communities to the National grid and the last 17 communities were at various stages of completion when I lost the elections


2) I put up 6 unit classroom block and 4 apartments accommodation for teachers in a community call Zogu. I did same in a community called Tamping. Another one in a community call Jana and the last 6 classroom block without Teachers accommodation in a community called Ziang. Perhaps, that guy can go and verify.


3) I put up another 6 unit classroom block and a staff common room in a community called Nyoligu.


4) I bought computers for the school in Ziang, Nantong, Tamping, Zogu, Nyoligu, JanjoriKukoo and many other communities.


5) I was about completing a Library for the community in Tamping.


6) I put up a CHIP Compound (Health facility) for the people of Sandu and the communities there


7) I completed a similar and the only project my predecessor the NPP MP started and couldn’t finish in 4 years.


8) Another CHIP Compound In Fazihini and Nyoligu


9) I also dug dams in the following communities: JegungKukoo, Sahanaayili, Dohayi. And also work to expand existing dams in Zogu, Ziang, Jegung, Kparigalanyili and many other communities.

10) I created a non-profit Microfinance for over 700 women across the constituency. They were not paying any profit on the loans given them.

11) I extended pipe-born water from Tamale to a community call Jana which is 5 kilometers from Tamale. I did same to BalisheYapala which is 7 kilometers from Tamale. Same to Fazihini which is 9 kilometers from Tamale. And to Ziang which is 15 kilometers from Tamale.

12) As a predominantly Muslim Community, I put up mosques in the following communities: Nyako, Zokuga, Jegungkukoo, Janjorikukoo, Goluri, Zogu, Kpukpaligu, and many other communities I assisted them in putting up mosques.

13) I assisted in the building of the biggest Church in my constituency at Janjorikukoo

14) I sent 52 people to Hajj in the 4 years I served the constituency. Remember it was not government tickets. The agent I use to pay the money to each year is known person in the Hajj circles. He is called Alhaji Star

15) For School fees, I won’t mention because that is what every MP does.

16) Perhaps, I was one of the few MPs who would go round n informed my constituency what I have taken in their name and what is been used for. As a matter of fact, I use to state this publicly on radio stations in Tamale for my constituents to listen.


17) I worked on several defective boreholes in the community and in fact provided an up to date mechanized borehole for the people of Ziang. SADA has never provided anything let alone a borehole in my constituency so it is a fat lie from a brainless journalist to state that SADA did same in my constituency. As a matter of fact, the borehole in Ziang was provided from my personal money and no MP’s Common Fund. Go to Ziang today and you will see my name on the sign board by it. If u think it was provided by SADA you are in government go and change the sign board.


I like this his question by to you twirp:

*May I know what my good for nothing journalist has ever done for mother Ghana? Again if losing elections is an issue then he didn’t need to look further except just over his shoulders and he would have found President Nana Addo there. The person from whom I take inspirations from in electoral defeats.*

Enough, my good for nothing bloodless twirp. I know you don’t read much so anything too long will mean a waste of my useful mental resources. However, I wish you start writing about the termites ruling us and their destruction of our resources. That will be more relevant than the stupidity you have started. See you again.


Yours ever,


The Binduri Youth Activist

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