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Sad News: JHS 2 Pupil Commits Suicide, Drinks DDT

A JHS Two pupil at the E.P. School, Kisseman has allegedly taken his own life by drinking a full bottle of DDT, Fnnewsonline.com has gathered.

According to the report, the deceased who is a JHS 2 pupil at the E.P. School located at Kisseman- Achimota stole his father’s money who threatened to spank him if he doesn’t confessed.

Out of fear of being disciplined, the deceased decided to take his own life by drinking the full bottle of DDT which his father use to work.

When his parent realized what he has done, they rushed him to a nearby hospital but he passed on upon reaching the hospital.

Further information indicates that the police are conducting a thorough investigation into the whole case to ascertain the truth.

Meanwhile, both teachers and pupil at the school have been left with total shock considering how the young pupil with a bright future shamefully took his life.

Source: www.Fnnewsonline.com

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