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Say No To Suicide, Tetteh Enoch (Homily) Drops Video For ‘Obotantim’

Tetteh Enoch (Homily)
With the hopeless and needy at heart, Ghanaian Gospel musician, Tetteh Enoch (Homily) has released the much anticipated video for his single ‘Obotantim’

The heart of Tetteh Enoch (Homily) has always been full of compassion for the helpless in the society especially looking at the rate of suicide in the country.

Tetteh who can’t bear this, quickly released the ‘Obotantim’ song to give hope to the less-privileged in our societies and encouraged them to look up to the Lord Jesus Christ.

With the released of ‘Obotantim’ video, his mission would be accomplish as many are likely to feat themselves with the words in the song.

‘Obatantim’ is a Twi word which is translated ‘Mighty Rock’ mean Jesus Christ is our Lord and Saviour and we will not be disappointed if we can look up to him for help.

He has also narrated the story of popular Hebrew boys; Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and how the Lord saved them from the fire.

It is the desire of Tetteh Enoch (Homily) win souls for Christ through his music. ‘Obotantim’ video is directed by TS.

Watch ‘Obotantim’ video below…

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