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Ghanaian Man wickedly uses his sister to dupe many On Facebook (Screenshoots)

A Ghanaian man, with the name Clarence Clark is duping many innocent Ghanaians on social media, Fnnewsonline.com has gathered.

A reliable source has disclosed to Fnnewsonline.com that Clearance Clark is a conman who is living a good life with his fraudulent acts.

According to the source, the unscrupulous Clarence Clark uses his sister to solicits for funds by deceiving his victims with a heartfelt stories.

Clarence Clark usually tells his victims mostly friends and family that his younger sister is in coma and he needed to raise some amount of money too foot the medical bills.

However, one cleaver social media user [Name withheld] upon some tip-offs launched a self-investigation into Clarence Clark’s fraudulent activities and the results were just shocking.

The investigation by the concerned social media user reveals that the conman Clarence Clark has duped over 2,000 Ghanaians using the same story line and format with most of his victims being women.

Clarence Clark

Many victims of Clarence Clark have confirmed the story with couple of screenshots from their conversation with him.

One victim whose name is being withheld attested that Clarence Clark and his alleged girlfriend duped him $1,500.

Amazingly, Clarence Clark is still duping many unsuspecting Ghanaians on social media. He sometimes uses his Uber operated car to dupe other people with stories he the car is at a mechanical shop and he needs money to get it fixed.

At other times, he will openly post on his Facebook wall to ask for money.


See screenshots between Clarence Clark and some victims of his fraudulent activities.

Meanwhile, stick and stay on Fnnewsonline.com for many shocking revelations.

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