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Dear Uncle FN: My Husband Wants My Private Parts Bleached

Dear Uncle FN, my name is Ruky and am married with two kids. Before I met my husband who was my boyfriend few years ago I was a little fair in complexion, what we usually call chocolate colour. Most of my friends were very fair, although most of them bleach somewhere also fair naturally. My boyfriend wanted me to be …

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Tales From The Closet: My Ex Is My Brother In-Law To Be

  Dear Uncle FN, My name is Dolly, three years ago I was really in the world, and I did whatever I felt like doing. I use to smoke cigarettes and I also drink a lot. I was dating a guy called Duke and we did a lot of nasty things together, I got pregnant but aborted it and at …

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Dear Uncle FN: I am in love and dating a man who dated my cousin for 6 years…what should I do?

Dear Uncle FN, “I found out in July that my boyfriend of 9 months is the same man who dated my cousin for 6 years and did not marry her. She lamented about the man to me a few times but I never met him, or saw a photo, I only knew his name. I’m not close to my cousin, …

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Tales from the closet: My lesbian sister in-law wants me

Dear uncle FN, My name is Anita and I’m currently staying with my brother and his wife. They have been married for two years now with no kids. Recently they’ve been quarreling every night and i hear them because my room is just opposite their room. It’s been two month since I came and I don’t see my brother as …

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Tales From The Closet: Should I Support My Boyfriend To Marry Me?

Dear uncle FN, My name is Cynthia and I am 31years old. I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 5 years now; he has been promising me marriage for the past 3years now but no sign of marriage. His excuse all the time is that he wants to make enough money first before anything else. Although I …

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Tales From The closet: My Niece Is Pregnant For ‘My Husband To Be’

“Dear uncle FN, I am a young woman at the age of 29 and my wedding is in two months time. Am getting married to my childhood friend who is based in London but visit regularly. We started dating not long ago and I am to travel and stay with him after our wedding .My problem is my  uncle and …

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