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My Heart Desire – Episode 6

I immediately began arranging his stuff to prepare our leave back home. I realized this was the time if our future would be on a positive note would be from now. The doctors administered some drugs to him and we finally took leave. I then drove Donald in my car as we headed to his residence. I was extra careful …

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My Heart Desire – Episode 2

….. As I laid on my bed imagining the presence of Donald, I heard my phone ringing and immediately left to check on who exactly it could be. I realized from the number that it was an unknown one. I panicked and with anxiousness answered the caller. As we both talked, she introduced herself as a nurse in one of …

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My Heart Desire – Episode 1

Seriously, It was really cold outside while around the hours of 3:00. I did imagine the rain drizzling. My body kept been cold and I really needed a shoulder to keep me warm. How I wish Donald was around, I thought. Donald had been my childhood friend till we got to the Tertiary level of our education and became emotionally …

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