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Tales From The Closet: Could The Baby Be Mine?

Dear uncle FN,

“My name is Desmond and for the past eight years now I have been dating ladies with the Expectation of having a baby before marriage.

I have dated six girls so far and my current girlfriend is pregnant but I have doubt. This is because none of the five girls I dated earlier could get pregnant for me so I had to call the relationship off.

My fifth girlfriend insisted on us going to the hospital because she believed that she was fertile. According to the doctor, my sperm count is very low so I can’t impregnate a woman and because of this my fifth girlfriend left me without telling me.

I am in a new relationship and I intend to hide this fact from my woman and later find a solution to my problem.

To my amazement two days ago, she told me she was pregnant.

Uncle FN, my problem is I want to marry this girl but I find it difficult to believe that the baby is mine.

Uncle FN, please what should I do?”

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