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Tales from the closet: My lesbian sister in-law wants me

Dear uncle FN,

My name is Anita and I’m currently staying with my brother and his wife. They have been married for two years now with no kids.

Recently they’ve been quarreling every night and i hear them because my room is just opposite their room. It’s been two month since I came and I don’t see my brother as a happy married man.

Last week my brother traveled for a business meeting so I was left alone in the house with my sister-in-law .She had a visitor who will be staying with us for two days, I was not worried because the visitor was a lady .late at night I heard a lot of laughter and moaning from the room but couldn’t tell what was happening. I came to the kitchen and as I was going back I saw the visitor coming out of my sister -in -law’s room.

In the morning as I was going to the market, I forgot my purse so I returned to the house but to my amazement I saw my sister-in-law  and her friend romancing, I couldn’t believe my eyes . She tried to convince me not to tell my brother but I told her no and asked the visitor to leave the house.

Uncle, my brother is returning tomorrow because I don’t want to break his home and marriage I promised my sister-in-law not to tell him anything about what happened but my problem is she wants to introduce me to lesbianism too.

She has been making advances towards me since the incidence happened and threatening to turn my brother against me.

Uncle am confuse please help me

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