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Tales from the closet: I am pregnant for my uncle

Dear uncle FN,

My name is Juliet and I grew up with my mom who is a single parent. According to her my father rejected her when she got pregnant and never saw his face till now.

After I completed my senior high school I relocated to stay with my aunty. During my stay I met a young man who was interested in me and he decided to assist me at the university, I took him home to meet my aunty.

Few months later we started dating and my aunt approved of our relationship .I am currently in level 200 and I visit my mom during vacation, few months ago I told her about my boyfriend and she requested to meet him so I promised to come with him during our next visit.

Unfortunately went I returned to my aunt’s place, I discovered that I was pregnant so I told my boyfriend about it.

To my amazement he proposed marriage to me and wanted us to get married fast before my stomach starts to protrude. Due to this we had to see my mom as soon as possible. As we got to my mum’s place I realized she was a bit worried, I asked her why, but she said nothing.

After I introduced my boyfriend to her she started interrogating him and to my surprise she objected to the marriage. My mum took me inside and explained that my boyfriend is the junior brother of my father in other words my uncle.

Till Now I haven’t been myself I haven’t been able to tell my mum about the pregnancy Please uncle FN what should I  do because I love him?.

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