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All talks But No Action; GHAMRO to Crack down on illegal Music Uploads.

When I heard about the funny news; “Ghana music right organization to crack down on illegal Music Uploads”, I laughed and until now I am.

Since I have addressed this particular organization activities in a previous opt article, I think it right for me to speak on the current news about the organization. GHAMRO, is one of the most useless music organization in Ghana, and wasting much of Musicians money.

The organization can’t fully operate on the capacity it was established for. The main objectives of the organization is to collect royalties from broadcasters using Ghana Musicians music on their platforms. It was established as part of the copy right act signed into law.

Now let me talk about why it funny that this organization that can’t even collect royalties from registered broadcasting companies want to crack down on illegal music uploaders. The estimated websites and blog sites in Ghana now is 2000-5000 and how is the GHAMRO going to control their upload activities.

The organization can’t even track down 400 registered broadcasting companies in Ghana but they can patrol on unregistered blogging sites.

This organization leaders are jokes and shouldn’t be taking serious. After all the Musicians themselves are the one emailing Bloggers their songs for upload everyday, so good luck GHAMRO in your effort to crack down on music uploads.


Written by Nsempafuo

Beloved music lover

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