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The Unbearable Delay Of The Ghana Card – Sheer Incompetence Or Marginalization?


Independence of a country automatically gives that country’s leaders the liberty to decide on essential issues which will benefit its citizenry for long.

The absence of colonial rule makes the leaders to be voted into power not just verbally by the electorates but by proving with a recognized voter’s identification card. Without mincing with words, the political administration of Ghana hasn’t been of excellent continuity after our independent and republic advantage.

An undoubted truth. Our lenses focus on the promised new card named ‘The Ghana Card’ by National Identification Authority led by legal luminary, Prof Ken Attefuah. The ruling government (NPP) proudly assured Ghanaians of a generic card thus a card which can be used for electoral activities, many transactions and registrations come September 2017.

A multipurpose card to say. As I write this piece, most Ghanaians haven’t been issued the sweetly speech cum written promised card. Number of times failed in issuance since last year, the least said, the better. Now, to add salt to injury, the organization in charge had the guts to tell the people of the Gold Coast land to acquire either a valid passport or birth certificate before they become bearers of The Ghana Card.

So I ask, is it that Prof Ken and his team are highly incompetent or intentionally want to marginalize a large chunk of voters? From to January to June, just a card can’t be given as nationally vowed. You and I realistically know that acquisition of both passport and births certificate in Ghanaisn’t an easy process at all. The kickbacks demanded.

The consistent postponement of issuance. At times, your data could be misplaced. Total frustration. Yet the leaders demand for any of the mentioned documents for receiving a card that is financially estimated to cost a whopping billion point two dollars ($1.2bn).

Ask this rhetorical question; How many Ghanaians own passports or birth certificates? Conduct a national survey and the number of the have nots will seriously send shivers down your spine. In my candid opinion, accept the current voter’s ID as one of the means for registering applicants for the new one and later, it gets scrapped off the system. An easy and practical process done in the western world.

This is the same now ‘rejected’ card that guaranteed your political might in the last electoral poll. Sadly, the corner thumb turns a sheer needless one. A quote by a walking political encyclopedia, Abdul Kweku Baako goes, ‘Utter kick in the teeth to the tax payer which is ignominious and atrocious’.

To the politician, now the ordinary voter is a bit enlightened about your shenanigan dealings and speeches so be careful with them. What if you deny them of this card and they also revenge on December 7 by deliberately spoiling their votes to affect your chance of power retention? Ponder on it.

The era of long and over promising turn citizens off so promises ought to be delivered on time to avert the law of Karma. Ghana deserves serious and competent governance.

In fact, posterity is monitoring from afar. Well cherished readers, I sadly and humbly end this piece with this; ‘An under promised result benefiting Ghanaian is worthier than a longly over frustrated promised Ghanaian’.


Written by Dannie Black

Editor – Ghanapubliceye.com


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