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That Tiny Little Sexy Voice – Episode 5


Kwame was looking so nice. Like he was being ripped off a magazine. I kept on staring and staring till Gloria kicked my leg!

Ouch, that hurts! Why would you kick me like that?
Stop staring at Kwame, he is not what he looks like Gloria said.

I was surprised to hear Gloria say that because has always had a bad taste in men. Last week she came to my house with a man that had bathroom slippers on. Some weeks ago it was Tony with his yellow teeth. How did she know Kwame?

Gladys, how do you know this Gentleman? Does he have a girlfriend? What does he do?

You ask too much Abena! Forget him he’s nobody.

We left the local joint with so many thoughts running through my mind. I like this guy and there was that “tiny sexy voice” again in my head.

I went back the next day looking for Kwame.
If I had listened to Gloria, hmm…….

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Nkechi Asante
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