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That Tiny Little Sexy Voice – Episode 6


The Next day!

I went back to our usual local hang out. He wasn’t there but that didn’t break me down. I kept going for months. Nothing was stopping me from meeting Kwame again.

My name is Abena and I can never give up. We were born as true fighters out of our mother’s womb. I was born 26 years ago to Mr. and Mrs. Appiah. Unfortunately, my mum passed away while she was giving birth to me. My father, I haven’t set eyes on before because he just couldn’t bear the pain after mum passed away. I heard they were so in love with each other. I still never understood why he left. He dropped me off right after birth by a lady whom he trusted and never came back. I bet you are wondering how I knew this story, But that is another story yet to be shared.

I went back every Thursday to see if Kwame was there. I really liked him and there was something about him that made me search more.

After three months I decided to give up, till something magnificent happened.

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Nkechi Asante
(Nkechi Chapters of Life)
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