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That Tiny Little Sexy Voice – Episode 7

I have been jobless for months and everywhere I go it seems I never get a chance. Office to Office, sending applications here and there became my daily routine.

Maa Akos my “mother” has a drinking spot and that is how we managed. I am always grateful for her taking me in. She had no children but never explained why. All I knew was her husband left her to marry someone else because she couldn’t give him a child. She never married again.

On Monday morning I went to buy my usual morning ‘kokoo’ and ‘bofrot’ but before I threw the newspaper that was wrapped around it away i saw Kwame!

OMG thats Kwame!!!!

He was the CEO of one of the biggest telecom companies in the country. That’s when i decided to apply for a job there and I knew I would get it. Don’t ask me why i just knew.

The next morning, I dressed up, took a cab and went to the Office to try my luck.

Did i mention my name is Abena and I never give up?

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Nkechi Asante
(Nkechi Chapters of Life)
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