That Tiny Little Sexy Voice – Episode 9

Nkechi Asante


Why would you like to work with our brand?

Not even a  Goodmorning or How are you today question.

Goodmorning ma’am my name is Abena and I believe with my background and experiences I can add a lot to the Brand.

I honestly didn’t know what I was doing here. Even though I needed a job badly I also wanted to know what Kwame has in his pants. Unfortunately, I didn’t get him to interview me and I wasn’t even sure he was in the building. The lady interviewing me was very rude. She was pretty though but she looked very strict and sounded very harsh. The tiny voice in my head starting talking to me again.

“Be calm and focus”.

The lady looks through my file and keeps nodding her head. How far do you live from the office and can you drive? Yes, ma’am, I drive and I live 10 minutes away I answered quickly.

(That was a big lie by the way)

Just wait here and let me present your file to the CEO. We are urgently searching for someone so we have to rush all procedures. The old PA got pregnant and couldn’t return back to work. Our schedules are really messed up right now.

As soon as she gets up, the door opens and I turn my head around. Guess what?!

Kwame the CEO

Stay tuned

Nkechi Asante

(Nkechi Chapters of Life)

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