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Top 5 Tribes In Ghana With Natural Light-Skinned Women (Photos)

Ghana as a country comprises of several tribes and each tribe has its own unique identity and talents that are associated with it.

Basically, the word ‘Tribe’ means a group of people, often of related families, who live together, sharing the same language, culture, and history.

Research has also shown that Ghanaian men are usually attracted to light-skinned ladies than the dark-skins.

With this knowledge, www.Ghface.com brings with the top 5 tribes with natural light-skinned women.

1. Ewe
The first tribe with more light-skinned ladies is the Ewe tribe. Undoubtedly, most Ewe women are fair in complexion.



2. Fanti
The second tribe with naturally born light-skinned women are the Fantis. Among very 1000 Fante women, 800 are fair coloured, especially those that hail from Elmina.

3. Ga
It seems most of the tribes by the Coast have a lot of light skin women and the Gas cannot be left out. Although they have come under a lot backlash about them bleaching, there are a whole lot of them who are naturally light-skinned.

4. Frafra
Another tribe at the fourth place is the Frafra tribe. Shockingly, the extremely hot weather in the Northern part of Ghana didn’t affect the Frafras. This tribe comes so several light-skinned women naturally.

5. Wala
Most of the tribes from up North really have a lot of light-skinned women and the Wala from the Upper West are one of them.

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Source: www.Ghface.com

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