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True Or Nah? Thursday Born Girls Are Most Holy And Shine Like Angels

Interestingly, some people believe that ladies born on Thursday are most holy and shine like angels than the others.

This argument popped up on various social media and some traditional platforms where people shared their individual opinions in favour and against the motion.

Some agreed that Thursday born ladies are reserved, holy, meticulous and judicious which makes them stand out from the others.

A man married to a lady born on Thursday confirmed that he is happy with his wife because of her angelic face. He also revealed that before he got married to his wife, she was faithful in their relationship unlike others he dated earlier.

“I’m happy to marry a Thursday born lady. I am very happy with her. She is just angel. she was faithful during her courtship when the others couldn’t. Thursday born ladies are the best.

On the others hand, few argued that Thursday born ladies are not the holiest but pretenders who prefer to do things in secret.

One recalled;

“I don’t think Thursday born girls are holy. They are pretenders and like to hide in darkness to do things.” 

Another said;

“A big NO to all Thursday born ladies.”

So what do you think?

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