I Used To Depend On Drugs And S3x – Elorm The Zionist Shares Her

Elorm the Zionist

Elorm The Zionist has finally opened up on her past lifestyle when she used to be an ardent sex and drug addict in Ghana and later in the United Kingdom (UK).

The now transformed did not shy away when she appeared on the ‘Late Afternoon Show’ on Accra-based GHOne TV hosted by Berla Mundi.

Elorm the Zionist told Berla Mundi that she was once addicted to sex and drugs that it cost her marriage in the UK. She also revealed that the extreme addiction problem led to her deportation from the UK.

Elorm who could not get the sexual satisfaction from her white husband had to look elsewhere for the satisfaction and she confessed sleeping with different men in a day.

She said;

“I was so much in drugs that, I had to quit my job just to do drugs. I had friends who also supply me with the drugs on a daily basis.”


She also opened up on how her reckless lifestyle cost her marriage, hence, her white-husband wrote to the UK home office to have her repatriated back to Ghana because the marriage wasn’t working.

“My ex-husband was old and could satisfy me sexually, so I had to look to different men to give me sex. I had sex with different men on a daily basis.” she retorted

In the nutshell, transformed Elorm the Zionist who is now on an agenda to sensitize to the youth of drug and early sex addiction gives thanks to God for helping her to successfully overcome this habit which had become part of her life for a longer period of time.

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com 


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