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Want To Get Fresh IDEAS? Rev Moses Bennisan Talks 5 Steps To Generate Fresh IDEAS

IDEAS! Thinking out of the box and generating fresh ideas

An idea is a mental conception or the thought of something that exists in the mind. It is normally in relation to a step you want to take or something you want to do or to solve a problem. Good ideas have helped people solve minor and major problems in life and business. For those in pursuit of a business idea, be reminded that you don’t really need a complicated or complex idea to build a successful business.

Business ideas don’t necessarily have to be original. You can pick an existing idea, make it better, carve a niche and start the journey of business and wealth creation. This is what is called ‘fast following’. You can build a successful business around a very simple idea. Ideas are not for keeps, they must be implemented. There are people who fail to act on their ideas when they see someone doing same, they conclude “Hey, they’ve stolen my idea.”

Please take note; when an idea hits you, it has already occurred to other people as well. It is the one who acts upon the idea that actually owns the idea. so start implementing your ideas.

To receive new and fresh ideas, you must be willing to think outside the box. Many people are conditioned to think in a traditional fashion. They are intolerant to change and new things.

Five steps to getting new ideas;

Be Observant: Great ideas won’t come to you in a vacuum. You have to be meticulous and observing to discover new ideas

Socialize with ambitious people: Hanging around with ambitious and like-minded people, where you have a platform to talk about new things, can produce several ideas. There are 3 different people in your life. 1. Little minds; They discuss people. 2. Average minds; They discuss events 3. Great minds; They discuss ideas. Socializing with great minds is key to generating fresh ideas

Read more books: The more you read, the more ideas you can generate. Books are a wonderful resource for generating ideas. ‘Would Be’ entrepreneurs must develop the habit of reading from a wide range of topics.

Travel: Traveling is a unique way of exposing yourself to new ideas. In Ghana, people normally say “travel and see” meaning by traveling you can learn new things and be exposed to fresh ideas. Mark Davies started Busy Internet in Ghana after seeing such Internet cafés in Brazil during one of his numerous trips to that country.

Meditation: It is hard to come up with great ideas when your mind is crowded with everyday pressures and activities. You need to take time to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and meditate on your ideas. Then you can make a concrete decision regarding the way forward

May God give you new ideas for the journey ahead.


Written by;

Moses Bennisan
Family Altar for life

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